Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Jefe!

Taylor and I would like to extend
a VERY happy birthday to Jefe!

I love this picture of Jefe and Taylor when she was like a month and a half old.

I tried getting Taylor to hold up his birthday sign but met some resistance.

Take One: Taylor held the sign(backwards) but then quickly threw it up in the air.

Take Two: Taylor found her table much more entertaining than holding the sign.

Take Three: Holding on to the sign(and keys) but would not look at the camera.

I give up, so here's Taylor and your sign. Hope you have a wonderful birthday Jefe!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sunny Day

It was such a gorgeous day outside, yes people it's February and 82 degrees outside, that I figured it was time I get my butt outside and go walking. I can't believe how nice the weather is, but fear that our summer is going to be a HOT one and not allow for stroller walks for many more days. I just remember wanting to walk with Taylor last summer to try to get rid of baby belly(which lingers a bit more than I would like) and it would be 90 degrees by 8 am. Doesn't the sun know that a mom with a newborn that has been up all night wants to sleep a little bit longer than 7 am??? Well here is a picture from Taylor after our walk today. I couldn't resist how cute she looked in her sunglasses!

In case you are a fellow Graco stroller owner, no those links didn't come attached that way. I got tired of toys falling out of the stroller and so Chris drilled holes on each side that the links would fit through. He also did this on our high chair to save us from constantly picking teething rings up off the ground.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Taylor Tuesday

Do you ever have mornings when your hair just won't style like you want it too? We've had a few of these lately as Taylor is cursed with her daddy's cowlick's and my fine hair. This was one of the funnier days and couldn't resist grabbing the camera.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Taylor Tuesday

Taylor and I had so much fun yesterday playing. She figured out a new way to play peek-a-boo with me and had me laughing while she bobbed up and down. The picture is from part of our game when she was peeking over the ottoman just before popping up.

I was even able to catch some video since our game continued even with me laughing.
I love my job!

Monday, February 16, 2009

10 months old

I am always amazed at how quickly the months pass by. It seems like just yesterday that I was writing the blog for Taylor’s 9 month marker. It probably didn’t help that I was a week late in posting it! I watch Taylor learn, grow, and explore each day and think back to the days when it was a HUGE achievement to have Taylor hold on to an object. Now I often keep her from grabbing objects.

Attempt one went pretty well, but then I kept taking pictures and I think we are going to have to work on sitting ladylike with a dress on! (notice we also had to have bunny with us!)

Once she was on the ground it was much easier to get a smile from her.

· We are finishing up the last of our baby food stock and Taylor is eating finger foods for most meals. Taylor eats almost anything you put in front of her, but will pick cheese, meat, or Kix out first and in that order. She definitely takes after my love for cheese and Chris' love for turkey! A couple times lately she has eaten everything but her carrots. Funny girl!

· Taylor has really taken to Bunny more than normal. She now takes Bunny with her when she leaves her crib and often carries him with her as she crawls around. And yes, Bunny is a boy even though he’s pink. I never thought she would attach to something quite like she has to Bunny. Taylor loves him so much and giggles when I give him kisses at bedtime too.

· Taylor had her first ear infection and had her first taste of medicine other than Tylenol. She was so good at taking it and even open her mouth when she sees the pink bottle. I would have never known that she had an ear ache, but I took her to the doctor for a cold that wasn’t getting better.

· Sunday evening church is so much more fun now that you go with us. The people in the pew behind us are always in for a treat of smiles and waving during Mass. Taylor likes to talk during the songs and while the priest is talking, but I like to think of it as her joyful noises!

· Taylor hated nighttime baths as an infant so I started bathing her in the morning during her happy times. I just stuck with it since it worked, but it meant that Chris only got to see bath time on the weekends. For some reason we missed bath one morning recently so I switched to night time and she loves it. It is now part of our bedtime routine. Taylor also learned how to splash in the tub and often makes Chris and I feel like we are in the splash zone at Sea World.

· Taylor still hasn’t shown much interest in the stairs but loves crawling everywhere else in the house. If she is upstairs, she will head for the magnets on the filing cabinet in my office. Downstairs, she finds the laundry room, DVD bookcase, Sadie’s crate, Sadie’s water dish, and the pantry very fascinating. She also loves to go ‘shopping’ in the fridge or freezer when I open the doors.

- She is so funny when she gets excited and almost does a panting sound. It is so cute!

- I never know when you will finally figure out how to imitate something we do. I have been working with you for months on how to clap and you finally figured it out the other day, but it only took a few minutes of listening to Nana make a clacking noise and you started smacking! The first time I saw you clap, you crawled over to Sadie's crate and sat there clapping to her.

- In the past month, Taylor has had her top two teeth trying to cut through and over the weekend your bottom left tooth made it's way through too! I can't believe you have 5 teeth!!! Guess you decided you needed more teeth to eat all that food!

· Current weight 20 lbs 15 oz as of Thursday’s doctor appt

- Lastly, Taylor can say Mama, Dada, Nana, Hi, and a swear some form of the word kitty. She associates Chris and I with Mama and Dada and it melts my heart everytime she says Mama and reaches for me! I love watching her grow and learn each day and

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

We have had a wonderful Valentine's weekend around the Lambert household. While Chris was at softball Thursday night I put my Kitchen Aid mixer to good use and made a batch of sugar cookies.

I forget how much I enjoy decorating cookies and loved the excitement of trying to get them done so that I could surprise Chris with them. He loves sugar cookies and it's been months since I made him cookies. I didn't attempt Christmas sugar cookies this year after my brown icing on the reindeer last year didn't turn out so great. Poor reindeer that no one would eat. :( The cookies turned out much better this time and I loved having of plate of them ready for him when he left for work Friday morning. I also got a chance to truly break in my apron, because an apron isn't truly broken in until you get some flour and cookie dough on it!(plus I felt cute at the same time)

Friday afternoon, my mom and grandmother came in town. We spent the weekend just hanging around the house talking and having Taylor entertain us. I loved having a chance for my grandmother to spend so much time with Taylor and see her playing. She brought Taylor a red wagon that is just her size with a dalmatian in it. Then Mia gave Taylor a puppy for Valentine's Day, so today we worked on pulling our new doggies around the living room. I like these dogs because they don't shed!

Chris and I got Taylor the new Madagascar DVD, but I have to admit that we really want to see it too!

I wrapped up my Saturday with our annual treat from Amy's Ice Cream. YUM! As you can see, I indulged before taking a picture. If you live in Austin, you must get some of their strawberries next year. They only do them for V-day and they are AMAZING!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's weekend!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Taylor Tuesday

I love this picture because it's of my two favorite people! This is a typical picture of what it looks like when Chris gets home from work. Taylor loves her Daddy and probably enjoys a break from me! They have so much fun playing together and destroying the living room. The pictures that go with this one are pretty funny.

Taylor was trying to find Chris' phone and kept crawling back and forth over him until she got it. That little girl goes for what she wants and keeps at it! Another sign of what is yet to come for us.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend Wrapup

It's been a few weeks since I posted pictures other than Taylor Tuesday, so I thought I would do a recap of our weekend. Taylor is almost over her cold, so I can now follow her around with a camera rather than a box of tissues.

Friday we went to see Jeff and Shelly's new house and then went out to dinner with the family. The house was great, but I still want to boycott it since it is on the other side of Austin from us. I've loved having them up north near us and being able to see them more often! At dinner, Taylor proceeded to only eat the meat off her tray and leave all the veggies. I think she was putting on a show for Aunt KK. KK kept laughing at her 'I know you have more of the food I really want' face. I later learned that Chris makes this same face when he's frustrated.

I don't know it was too much Chronicles of Narnia, but Taylor and I found a new use for a empty paper towel roll. She laughed SO hard when I acted like we were sword fighting.

Taylor then continued to sword fight on her own while "driving" her scooter car.

Check out the alphabet letters on the fridge. Those are the latest addition to the list of things for me to pick up. Besides that it was a nice relaxing weekend at home! Something can definitely be said for a lazy weekend around the house.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Taylor Tuesday

I was actually worried last night that I might not have a picture for today and have to revert to an older picture, but I do have one for you. The past few days have been a little crazy around here as Taylor has been sick and not sleeping at night and now allergies are taking their affect on me. And there was no way I could get a picture of our sick and teething baby. We had to change her outfit three times on Sunday because she is drooling so much due to teething. Even bibs can't stand up to this drool monster or maybe Taylor just likes having several outfit changes in one day.

We are working on walking with Taylor and she has even balanced on her own for a few seconds. She is really enjoying her little push car that we got her for Christmas and cruises back and forth from the living room to the kitchen until she runs into the wall.

Have a great Tuesday!

Wendy & Taylor

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