Thursday, January 27, 2011

Photo Booth

At the beginning of the month, Chris, his sister, and I attended a wedding where they had a photo booth at the reception.  I love this idea and it only reminded me of the many pictures taken by Partytime at sorority and fraternity parties during my college days.  It’s a good thing Partytime didn’t start posting pictures online until I was a senior.  It’s never good when you don’t recall actually taking the picture and then start laughing really hard when you see them because of the silly things you do.  No Mom, I never climbed on a piano while Natalie pretended to play it!  Well, it didn’t take me very long to drag Kellie over to the photo booth for a few pictures.  If you’ve seen Despicable Me then you will understand the middle picture.  Taylor loves to do this face since seeing the movie and we like to imitate her.


Once you took the pictures, they gave you a copy and then they would glue a copy on a scrapbook page for the bride and groom.  You also got to write a note near the pictures.  This got me thinking of what Chris and I should do for our photos.  They had all kinds of hat, wigs, boas, ect but I had a better idea.  The bride went to Texas Tech and the groom went to A&M and she got really excited when Chris wore his Tech boots.  She loved the idea of a Red Raider in the groom’s party.  So we did a picture to show love to our fellow Red Raider and then a few cute ones for fun.  It’s nice to have a picture of us since we are always the ones behind the camera.  I can’t wait to have Heather do our family photos in a few months!


And while viewing all the photos online, I cracked up at the bride and groom having fun too!


Next time you see a photo booth, take a few minutes to take pictures and feel like a kid again!


My kids might not be movie stars, but I often act like paparazzi to them.  I love catching them in cute, funny, meltdown, or random moments.  Someone needs to tell Elizabeth that the picture taking only increases from here and she might as well start practicing her smiles.  Here she is telling me to stop taking her picture.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Taylor Tuesday

Important elements to a good toddler dinner:
more butter
another ear of corn
zoo pals plate
and some butter on your face


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Taylor Tuesday

Sometimes the evenings in our house can be quite crazy and stressful, but then we have nights like last night that make me smile just thinking about it.  Taylor likes to play the 'Daddy/Mommy&Sister monster get Taylor' game.  Last night she joined in as the flower Taylor monster getting us too.  There were LOTS of giggles and little girl shrieks of excitement.  Lots of snorting laughs from Mommy as I watched Daddy and Taylor chase each other from room to room.  And a few perplexed expressions from Elizabeth as she watched us from my arms.  Here's a glimpse into our evening and possible what it looked like to Elizabeth.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sisters Saturday

Can you tell which part of English I paid attention to the most??  I have a thing for alliteration and when I told Chris I felt bad using one of the girl’s days to post a picture of both of them, he suggested I do Sisters Saturday.  Keep in mind that I use this blog as a journal for my family to follow and for my girls to read one day.  I hope the pictures make them laugh, smile, and be embarrassed on more than a few occasions.  So once a month I will do Sisters Saturday to document the love(or frustrated) relationship between my girls.  I would have loved to have boys, but am really loving girls.  I can do pink, purple, bows, dresses, princess stuff, and all things girly.  I also love dresses the girls in matching outfits until they are too cool for that.  Taylor even enjoys it and helps me pick out their outfits. 

This photo made me laugh because Taylor was being a ham posing for me and Elizabeth was just fascinated with Taylor’s hand.


Happy Saturday!

Friday, January 14, 2011


It wouldn't be the norm(and especially with two kids) that I was late with Elizabeth's picture like I am with Taylor's every so often.  Most of Elizabeth's pictures are the same cute grinning smile in her bouncy chair, swing, carrier, ect.  But I took this one because this is my view of Elizabeth at nap/bedtime.  I always know when she's awake because I see her bears moving or I hear loud squeaks and squeals coming from her bassinet.  I love hearing those noises, except at 2 am! 


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Taylor Tuesday

Me: What are you reading Taylor?

Taylor: It’s Jesus’ book.  He let me borrow it.

Me: silently jumping for joy!


Thursday, January 6, 2011


Elizabeth was working on her tummy time but could not figure out who was in front of her.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Taylor Tuesday

Sometimes I wonder how in the world Taylor can sleep with all these things in bed with her and then Chris reminds me of how I fell asleep with the laptop on the bed, my iPhone in my hand, TV on, and all the lights on.  Guess I shouldn’t wonder anymore.


Monday, January 3, 2011

2 months old

With the new year brings the celebration of our baby girl turning 2 months old!  The time is flying by quickly and each day I see new changes in our girl.  Here are a few things about Elizabeth this month:

  • 11.5 pounds already!  You are a good eater and will even take a bottle without any problems.
  • You wear 0-3 month clothes but it won’t be long before you move into the next size
  • You wear size one diapers and go through about 8 to 10 a day.  You hate to be wet and it is amazing how much calmer you can be after you get a dry diaper.
  • Nicknames: Lizzie(Taylor decided the vote on this one), little sista, Lizzie bear
  • You started smiling and cooing this month.  You light up at the sight of Taylor and it is the sweetest thing to watch.  You will shock us every so often with loud squeaks of joy.  I guess you just want to make sure you are heard.
  • You are starting to notice toys and are enjoying the toy bar on your bouncy chair, your floor mat, and the toy bar on your car seat.   
  • You celebrated your first Christmas and are already spoiled rotten with a room full of new toys.  Taylor and I can’t wait until you start enjoying them.  Taylor has been testing them out for you until them. 
  • You still sleep in the rocker bassinet in our room, but will soon move to the real bassinet to get you ready for your real crib.  There are some nights you will actually sleep a 6 hour stretch, but more often 3-4 hours.  Then again, sometimes you stir every hour.  I never know what kind of sleep I’m going to get.
  • Taylor is still pretty fascinated by you and is constantly wondering where you are and what you are doing.  It does bother her when you cry a lot and then she ends up crying too.  Taylor often reminds you that she loves you and gives you tons of kisses.  She has claimed that her job is to make sure you have your paci.
  • Most of your hair has fallen out except for a small patch at the crown of your head and a small area along your neckline.  What you have left is still brown. 
  • You rolled from your tummy to back twice for Daddy, but haven’t done anything of the sort since.  I still think you were showing off and then decided to slow down like I keep asking you to.  Don’t you know that you’re supposed to stay little forever???

Now for some of your sweet expressions(and your bonding with the bear) during our 2 month photo session.

January 11


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