Thursday, October 31, 2013


For the past two weeks Lizzie has inquired about Snoopy being blown up multiple times a day.  Our neighbor a few doors down had put up a small blow-up Snoopy doghouse with Snoopy, Woodstock, and a pumpkin on top.  He only plugs it in at night, but Lizzie does not understand this concept and expects to see it up all the time.  She often tries to sneak down to “check on Snoopy” on her tricycle.  During one of our visits she decided it would be nice to visit and dance with the skeleton couple in another part of their yard.  She also declared it necessary to have her picture taken with them.  Chris pointed out later that maybe they are fun since they are the same size she is.  Oh how Lizzie keeps my days very interested and never boring. 


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Still Around

We're still alive and just hanging around doing fun stuff with the kids.  I promise that we have fun pictures for you this week and might even get back to our regularly scheduled programming soon.


Just like our big sisters

One morning Lizzie and I went to play at a friend’s house while Taylor was in school.  When we got there she and the friend wanted to wait on the porch until the third friend arrived.  I snapped this picture because I thought they were so cute together.  Then I realized that these 2nd’s could pass for their big sisters at the same age.  While I know that my kids look similar, I see them as two completely different people because of their personalities.  It’s simple things like this that reminds me how much alike they really are.  I also love that they are alike in their strong friendships from my very first playgroup that still tries to get together when all our schedules allow it.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Taylor Tuesday

I'm not sure if this qualifies as a Taylor Tuesday or elizabethursday since Lizzie is the one who took the picture but I had to share it.  I figured I would have a few random pictures of the chip basket on my phone but died laughing when I found this picture Lizzie had taken.  The wall in the background makes it look spooky, but Taylor's face is priceless. 


Friday, October 11, 2013


Dear Princess Lizzie,

When it came time to get ready for picture day at preschool you were not going to make it easy on me.  First off you did not want to wear the dress I picked out, but tried to insist on a VERY fancy dress that would have been too small but I haven’t taken out of your closet yet.  Luckily you were okay with your Christmas dress from last year.  You really haven’t grow much have you kiddo?  Then after breakfast you randomly presented me with the idea of wearing a tiara.  Wow… I didn’t anticipate that one and had even dug through the hair bow drawer to find the matching hair clip for your dress.  I played along with your idea to wear the tiara but held onto the clip for when you lost interest in the tiara.  You did NOT loose interest in the tiara.  You DID proceed to wear it proudly while you asked me to take your picture in the front yard and then continued to wear it proudly walking into preschool.  Your teachers said you kept it on most of the day.  You also asked to wear it again the next day.  I had to let you know that sometimes princesses have to leave their tiaras at home.  This seemed like a reasonable explanation to you, but you insisted on wearing it all the way to school and leave it in the car so you could put it back on when I picked you up.  This might possibly be your best school picture ever and you are only in your second year of school.  I am scared to think of how you will top this, and knowing you, you will find a way to top this.

Love, Mom


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Taylor Tuesday

Acorns seem to be a hot commodity around our yard.  Taylor even came home from school one day with a pocket full of them.  We’ve now had the discussion about leaving rocks and acorns at school.  When she discovered some “trees” growing after a recent rain, Taylor couldn’t wait to plant more acorns.  Sssshh… don’t tell her that the “trees” are just weeds.  I love her excitement of getting something to grow.


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Taylor Tuesday/elizabethursday

It has gotten so much harder to come up with pictures of Taylor each week.  I am still adjusting to her being in school all day and we stay busy once she gets home.  So when Lizzie jumped on my back the other night it was a great opportunity for pictures of me with my girls.  It doesn’t take up long to start hamming it up for the camera and have fun.  So this week you get a combo of both girls(and a bonus of me) in the photos. 



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