Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Taylor Tuesday

I hope this Taylor Tuesday message finds everyone doing well. Can you believe that it's already the last day of September? Not too long and we'll be celebrating Halloween! This first picture is from this past weekend when we were at my mom's house. Nothing cuter than a baby getting a kitchen sink bath. Nana bought Taylor some bath toys to play with so that she didn't try playing with the sprayer again. You can also see Taylor's earrings in this picture. She still doesn't even know they are there except when I make her lay still so I can clean them. I have more pictures from this past weekend that I will post later on. Just think 80's...

As a bonus today you get footage of Taylor's newest milestone.

We were have anticipated this coming any day now. Taylor has been up on her knees and arms rocking like she is ready to go and has really shown a greater interest in her toys lately. She shows an even greater interest for the TV remote! Yesterday afternoon we saw her make some half attempts at crawling, so Chris grabbed the camera and put a toy out of reach for her. Within minutes she took off across the bed! Boy oh boy is my daily routine about to change again! What happened to those days when I could just lay her on the bed and run to the bathroom or brush my teeth? Chris is now realizing that it's time for baby proofing around the house. Sorry to the family members that I told I would post this last night, but Chris and I were busy rearranging living room furniture until midnight. More about that in a later post...

Have a wonderful Tuesday and I will be back later on to post about our weekend and more pictures of Taylor!


Monday, September 29, 2008

Fun Onesie's

I came across Starpansie Designs today and just had to share it with you. She creates onesies with any phrase you want, but I love some of her phrases that she has on her blog. Here are a few for you:

  • My Family Tree is Full of Nuts
  • My Mommy is A Hottie
  • Bald is Beautiful
  • Does This Diaper Make My Butt Look Big?
  • Don't You Wish Your Baby Was Hot Like Me?
  • This Is How I Roll
  • Lock Up Your Daughters
  • I'm A Boob Man
  • This Is My Lucky Onesie
  • I Drink Until I Pass Out
  • My Mommy Rocks
  • My Heart Belongs to Grandma
  • My Heart Belongs to Daddy
  • I'm A Keeper
  • Chicks Dig Me
  • My Daddy Rocks
  • Boobaholic
  • Ladies Man
  • Milkaholic
  • I Just Did 9Months On the Inside
  • Daddy's Girl
  • Pirate in Training
  • Daddy's Fishing Buddy
  • Princess
  • Daddy's Little Princess
and my favorite is....
  • I Cry When Ugly People Hold Me
I know there are a few other moms with babies that read my blog and thought they might get a kick out of her cute creations too. Now to figure out which one to order for Taylor!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cereal Time

And I'm not talking about Cheerios or tiger cereal as my niece calls Frosted Flakes. Taylor has been reaching for lots of items lately, including our food so we decided to let her have a try a rice cereal. When we went for Taylor's 4 month checkup, the doctor said we could try cereal at 5 months, but that she might not respond well to it. So we were prepared for a BIG mess and our little girl surprised us by being very interested in smacking the new food around in her mouth and grabbing for the spoon.

In between bites of cereal, she was deciding which tasted better, the food or her fingers. Good news is that as soon as she saw the spoon, she took her fingers out of her mouth.

Chris even took a turn a giving Taylor a few tastes of the milky mush.

Since Taylor did so good the first time with cereal, I decided to try it again a few days later.
This time I made it a little bit thicker so we weren't feeder her milk.

She liked this even more and has continued to have cereal about every other day. I figured I would space it out to make sure she doesn't have any weird reactions to it.

After I got done feeding her, I gave her the spoon since she kept trying to feed herself. She just loved playing with it. Keep in mind that I took a few of these pictures while actually feeding her so they aren't centered like they should be.

After we had some cereal in our tummy, Taylor played for a little while and then I looked over and she was sound asleep with her Dolly. I don't think I could have posed her and created a cuter picture!


Sunday, September 21, 2008

No hair...no problem

Our little girl was born with quite a bit of hair compared to when I was born. I was actually prepared for a bald baby and was shocked when she had enough hair that the nursery nurses created a little mohawk with it all. As Taylor has grown bigger, her hair has stayed about the same on top and she's lost a little in the back. We joke that she looks like an old bald man because she has tons at the back bottom. If you haven't noticed, I LOVE bows and there just simply isn't enough to put in a bow and what is there is very fine like mine. I think I was almost a year old before I really got any hair and was often called a little boy. It's amazing to me how people think your baby is a boy when SHE's dressed head to toe in pink or purple. Chris would die if we had a boy and he wore either of those colors. Well... my parents ended up piercing my ears at around 8 months to stop all the confusion on if I was a boy or girl and I always loved having the ability to wear earrings. I even took it a step further when I was in 6th grade and got my second hole on each ear so that I could continue to wear my diamonds(which my dad threatened to take away if I didn't start wearing them again) and whatever fun/cool earrings I wanted. I had always visioned that my daughter would get her ears pierced too, but wondered how Chris would feel about additional accessories for Taylor. Surprisingly, he was almost as excited about getting it done as I was. I have learned that it is a Mexican tradition to pierce the ears of baby girls. How cool that we would be able to carry on a tradition that is part of Taylor's heritage. Well after talking about it and talking about it... Taylor got her ears pierced today. I have to say that I the lady at Claire's did a great job and Taylor only cried for a few minutes and then needed a little cuddle time with mom and dad. Here are some pictures from our adventure today.

Taylor pre-piercing. I think she's tyring to figure out what the lady was doing.

Here is Taylor after she got both ears done. Look at those red eyes! Her cries almost broke my heart. I hate seeing her in pain!

Daddy and Dolly helped her calm down a little bit.

Here is a picture that I just tried to take so that you could actually see her pierced ears. She is happy and playing like nothing ever happened. As you can tell, she is too focused on her toys to look up for me.

Now wish me luck as I take care of her newly pierced ears!


Friday, September 19, 2008

Lots of Laughs

Over the weekend, my mom(aka Nana) got tons of giggles out of Taylor and I have been bound and determined to get her to laugh like that for me. The other day I got her to laugh but the camera was no where near by to film the best sound in the world. Taylor little laugh just warms my heart each time I hear it. Somehow I managed to get her to laugh by making a grunting noise, so please forgive my strange noises, but it kept her laughing. This is especially for Nana who goes to my blog everyday to see pictures Taylor and just loves the videos too!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Birthday

This very happy birthday wish goes to
my sister-in-law/ Taylor's Aunt KK!

I also have a belated happy birthday to Mia!
Her birthday was on Monday.

Taylor and I love both of you tons and are so lucky to have you in our lives!!!

Love, Wendy & Taylor

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

5 months old

I'm a few days late for this, but Taylor turned 5 months old on Sunday. I have to say that this past month I have seen the greatest changes in her. Playtime is a whole new world now that she can grab for toys and absolutely EVERYTHING goes in her mouth or at least she tries to get it in there. Our monthly picture became a little more adventurous this time. I was thinking that we were going to get a good picture as I've been working on Taylor sitting up with assistance, but this time was more about discovering elephant. Poor elephant didn't spend more than 15 seconds in the chair before she grabbed him and took his ears straight to her mouth.

But then it didn't take long before I got her to smile one of those smiles that just warms your heart. I think everyone in our family just can't wait until we get one of these smiles. There are even some mornings that she gives Chris one of these smiles before he leaves for work. I had heard him say on more than one occasion that this makes his day!

Here is Taylor's 'Official' 5 month old picture. We are working on taking a picture without showing our diaper and we're getting better, but no such luck yet. I think she's giving me a look that says 'I'm only going to sit still for 2 more minutes and then I'm going to grab the elephant again.'

In order to head off this dash towards elephant again, I brought in Taylor's new favorite lovey... Dolly. Dolly was given to her by my cousin Autumn. This is so appropriate because Autumn and I(only 9 months apart in age) grew up playing dolls together. We would have a small bag for clothes and 3 or 4 bags of Barbie dolls wherever we went. I loved that I had a girl cousin so close in age to grow up with. I hope Taylor is as close to her cousins.

So here are some of the things that Taylor is doing now:
  • Can grab a toy from your hands when you hold it in front of her
  • Rolls over several times to get somewhere
  • Moves all over her crib at night(main reason for keeping the bumper pad on no matter how bad the books say they are)
  • Puts anything she can in her mouth
  • Is at least 16 pounds
  • Loves to stand up in your lap
  • Still a bit of a momma's girl and sometimes can only be soothed by me
  • Has tried a high chair at restaurants 3 times now
  • Has had a few big belly laughs, but lots of giggles. Nana has the most giggles so far.
  • Loves her weekly time with Mia
  • Likes to her the different levels of her voice
  • Loves kisses from Mommy
  • Loves naps with Daddy
  • Is really starting to interact with all the toys on her exersaucer
  • Figured out that she can grab her feet and in the past few days figured out that they can go in her mouth too. Diaper changes are even more challenging now.
  • Realized that I always keep her bunny blanket(a bunny head with a blanket for a body) on her changing table and reaches up for it as soon as I lay her down.
  • Still does not like a wet diaper, but normally doesn't cry at muddy ones
  • Drools all the time and I think there's a tooth ready to make an appearance
  • Is starting to grab at everything and even take interest in our food
  • Still nurses like a champ
I am loving that I get to stay home with Taylor and see her change and grow everyday. It is such a blessing that I have been given. I cherish my time with her and no that she will change more and more each day. I look forward to the months to come as we introduce Taylor to all the fun fall holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and my favorite Christmas!

Stay tuned as I keep you updated with all of Taylor's fall adventures.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

More Stamping

So, after I finished the Lola cards I kept on stamping. Plus I had a few events coming up and didn't want to go to Hallmark for the cards. So here are more of my creations. This first card is for my niece's birthday. I wanted something fun and whimsy for her. It also matches the the dots on the gift box.

Stamps: Fairy Girl from Amuse Stamps, JustRite Curlz stamp
Ink: Stampin Up Basic Black, Pixie Pink; Pixie Pink, Summer Sun, Apricot Apeal, Bashful Blue markers
Paper: SU Bashful Blue, Pixie Pink, and Whisper White; not sure where the circle paper is from
Accessories: Sheer blue ribbon and white stickles for wings

We headed up to Fort Worth this past weekend for my cousin's wedding shower. I decided to take a different approach to the typical white or ivory wedding card. Her wedding colors are black, white, and pear so I created a green card. I love the color white, but when it comes to cards, I like a bit more color.

Paper: Stampin Up Gable Green, polka dot paper unknown
Ink: SU Basic Black
Stamps: SU Heard from the Heart
Accessories: Corner rounder(boy do I need that scallop edge punch!) and white grosgrain ribbon

I really liked my design on the last card, so I changed it up a little for my grandmother's birthday card. I had pulled out the polka dot paper for my cousin's bachelorette card, but couldn't find a good way to incorporate it on the front. I love how it fit in perfectly here. Plus I found this cute heart paperclip in my drawer for that extra touch of love.

Paper: Stampin Up Chocolate Chip, Pixie Pink, and Whisper White; polka dot paper unknown
Ink: SU Pixie Pink
Stamps: SU Heard from the Heart
Accessories: Corner rounder(boy do I need that scallop edge punch!), heart paperclip from Wal-Mart, and white grosgrain ribbon

This last card is for my cousin's bachelorette party gift. The theme of the party is pink! I love the Bella stamps for their sassyness and style. The inside of the card says 'Time to CELEBRATE'.

Stamps: Blingabella from Stamping Bella
Ink: Basic Black; Chocolate Chip, Pixie Pink, Apricot Apeal Markers

Paper: Whisper White, Pixie Pink, Chocolate Chip

Accessories: White grosgrain ribbon, ring charm from Stamping Bella, pink bling, ticket corner punch from SU

I hope you enjoyed my stamping creations. Can't wait to get back in my craft room soon!



I knew it was fate when I saw this Vespa Girl stamp from Amuse after my friend Misty ordered her own Vespa. I just had to have it and found a few other stamps that had to come home with it too. If you stamp, you must go visit their newly updated website. When I got the order, there was even some ribbon with it as a bonus. It has been a while since I've had time to stamp, but the stamp only got the creative juices flowing. So, I sat down to start creating and my first card was cute. FYI, Lola is the name of the Vespa and definitely deserved her own announcements.

I liked the creation, but needed to keep trying. I got my order from Stampin' Up in and continued creating.

The 'Lola' part of the card was created using the Just Rite stamper. This stamp makes it so easy to personal your cards with initials or names. I liked the card above, but made a few modifications and came up with this card as my final creation. I have to give credit to Chris for coming up with a way to use the green bling I found. Checkout the headlight!

Hope you enjoyed my creations!

Stamps: Vespa Girl, Beep Beep(on the inside), JustRite Curlz Monogram Stamp set
Paper: Stampin' Up Chocolate Chip, Green Galore, Whisper White, & Chocolate Chip Designer Series Paper.
Ink: Chocolate Chip; Close to Cocoa & Green Galore markers
Accessories: green bling, scallop punch, circle punches, Chocolate Chip satin ribbon, Green Galore grosgrain ribbon

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Funny quote

I saw this on a blog I was reading and had to share it with all of my readers... the moms will appreciate it the most.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Taylor's Toes Tuesday

I know, I know, I know. It's WAAAAAYYY past normal Taylor Tuesday posting time and I even planned ahead this week. This week even has a fun title that includes alliteration.(yes mom I did pay attention in English) I guess after weeks of telling Taylor she had feet, she decided to find them for herself.

As a special bonus for having to wait extra long for your Tuesday pictures,
you get a video that Chris took.

I just love hearing her noises and it's funny how she talks
as she is gumming on the teething ring.
Teething rings are one of her favorite toys right now
and a must have anywhere you go in the house with Taylor.
If you watch closely, she goes to grab for her toes at one point.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Taylor Tuesday

I know it's late, but Taylor is spending the day with her Mia so I've been taking advantage of the free time to clean the house. Boy do I miss my maid, but I love staying home! I know you can't fully read Taylor shirt, but it says 'What happens at Grandma's stays at Grandma's.' The bunny she is holding is her new loved friend. By loved, I mean that it has been slobbered on... ALOT! Back to cleaning...

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