Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Taylor Tuesday

I know you are wondering why you have this crazy photo of Taylor today.  Maybe I take too many pictures of the kids since a few years ago Taylor started posing for my pictures in the same way every time.  She does a great job of posing and has the sweetest smile, but sometimes I feel like I miss out on the fun side that is our girl when I look through pictures.  So I was thrilled when she did this the other night.  Love my girl!


Thursday, July 25, 2013


Adjusting to a big girl bed has been so exhausting for us around here that Lizzie decided to take a cat nap after getting up from her nap.  When do I get to sneak in my cat nap????


Taylor Tuesday

Yes that would be my kid that is the bucket head at the sprinkler park.  But it was a great idea that she came up with so the water wouldn’t get in Lizzie’s eyes when she ran under the sprinklers.  What a sweet big sister. 


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sister Saturday

I love having little girls!  Having little girls means that our house is overflowing with dolls, Barbie's, pink/purple Legos, and dress up clothes.  It also means that these two little girls turned an afternoon of dressing up in ballet clothes into an impromptu wedding.  All fake flower arrangements become fair game to these brides in need of a bouquet.  Watch out grooms, they are on the lookout for you next!


Thursday, July 18, 2013


Lizzie has been in heaven this week with all the rain.  Rains means that she gets to use her umbrella and find “jumpin puddles” as she calls them.  I have learned to pick my battles with Lizzie and if letting her jump in a few puddles means that she will listen to directions the rest of the time, then I’m all for it.  Plus, everyone needs to jump in a few puddles and remember the pure joy of being a kid again.  When the rain stopped the other day, Lizzie was quick to drag me outside and show me which “jumpin puddles'” she wanted to visit in the backyard.  Get your boots on kid!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Taylor Tuesday

With all the rain this week, Sadie has been spending lots of time indoors with me and the girls, well more the girls.  Taylor took it upon herself to spend the time working on teaching Sadie tricks while Lizzie snuck her food from her plate.  Needless to say that Sadie would have been smiling in the picture if she could.  She is one happy pups this week with all the love and all the extra treats.  Why did this taking this picture feel like when I’m taking one of Taylor and Lizzie???  Oh that’s right, I can rarely get Lizzie to look at the camera too. 


Thursday, July 11, 2013


While the temperatures rise, Lizzie has found lots of ways to stay cool.  Nothing beats a popsicle while cooling off in your own bucket of water.  No need for a pool here!


Taylor Tuesday

So it’s not Tuesday and it has been weeks(almost a month) since the last time you saw a Taylor Tuesday, but I haven’t given up.  Even Chris asked if Taylor Tuesday/elizabethursday had come to an end.  I just needed a break, but I still continued to take pictures of the kids because they are pretty cute and entertaining.  So to start you back up I have a sweet picture of our Taylor before gymnastics camp a few weeks ago. 



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