Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Slacker, but good news too!

So I am such a slacker for not posting on my blog for almost a month!! Those of you who know me know why I've been in sort of a stamping slump. I'm 3 1/2 months pregnant! :) I am expecting my first child on April 19th and so excited!!! The first few months took their toll on me with the tiredness and constant queasiness. I still get tired pretty early in the evening, but for the most part I feel great! Any time that I was feeling well, I spent getting ready for parties or going to Seattle to see my Mel Mel. I hope to have pictures up this weekend of my trip. I had so much fun! So now that I'm feeling better and have energy I decided to break the stamps out last night. It was a co-worker's birthday on Monday so I made this card for her. Do you know that feeling when you sit down to make a card and get overwhelmed by all the stamps you have? Well, I did last night and so I ended up with a very simple, but elegant card. I also realized that I really need to work on my scanning/picture taking skills. I scanned this one since it was too late to take a picture and get good lighting. On the inside of the card I stamped 'Birthday Wishes' and used the same swirl from the front underneath it. I've always looked past this paper not knowing what to do with it, but this time I saw it I immediately thought of this swirl stamp. I plan on doing some more stamping tonight, so we'll see if I remember to post tomorrow!
Have a happy Wednesday!

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