Thursday, January 30, 2014


Lizzie likes to help with whatever I’m doing so she was right by my side when I was clipping coupons.  I started to notice a theme to her coupons and they were all items for cats.  Looks like it’s Chris’ turn to have the discussion with Lizzie about how we are not getting a kitty right now. 


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Taylor Tuesday

So when it ices even the slightest bit in Austin our city shuts down.  So when there was the slightest bit of sleet accumulated I let the girls go out and see it.  Taylor deemed this perfectly acceptable attire for venturing outside.  Once again my girls take on their daddy’s fashion sense.  This picture caught Taylor sneaking a bite of the sleet.  For some reason my girls were obsessed with eating the sleet.


Thursday, January 23, 2014


Lizzie is an entertainer.  She is our one to have you rolling with her random sayings or find some way to keep your attention.  A Christmas gift of a karaoke machine and microphone stand was perfect for our little entertainer.  It is not uncommon for me to get a rendition of Frozen or Starships while I eat my breakfast.  Who knew that the best thing to compliment my coffee was a three year old belting out Macklemore at 7 am???  Now if I could find a way to keep it hidden until after I’ve had my coffee. 


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Taylor Tuesday

I tried really hard to keep up with my twice a week emails to you, but failed to produce one for Taylor last week.  The problem is that I don’t take as many pictures of Taylor.  I get frustrated with this but now that she’s in school there are less hours at home with her.  When I am home with her, I am often in the the middle of what we are doing and not behind the camera.  So am I working on getting back behind the camera some more this year.  Chris took the girls to the park a few weeks ago and they haven’t stopped talking about it ever since.  We went to that park today and Taylor had a blast playing on this spiderweb of ropes.  I am glad I found this cutie on the spiderweb rather than the eight legged versions I scream at and then kill. 


Thursday, January 16, 2014


Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make your day.  In Lizzie’s world it was learning to roll her tongue today.  I love how she reminds me to slow down and enjoy the little things. (plus she reminded me to send this picture out to everyone)


Thursday, January 9, 2014


Chris has joked about how he was mowing the lawn at 6, but when I found these pictures on our camera I wonder if he’s trying to break his own record.  Move over Ramone(our lawn guy), Lizzie might be taking over your job soon!


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Taylor Tuesday

I had this photo of Taylor writing in her journal ready for today and then I realized if I really am documenting what Taylor is doing(for those who don’t know, I make a book each year with all these pictures and my comments) then I need to show Taylor’s recent battle wound.  Our family had a second Nerf war and when Taylor battled the driveway, the driveway won.  She had the best attitude about it and was only a little afraid of heading back from the Christmas break to school with her new battle wound.  We all told her that it would be so much fun to tell the story of how it happened but she only told her friends that she fell on the driveway.  There is no way I would’ve passed up the chance to tell a more exciting story since most of my injuries come from my pure klutziness.  I sure how she doesn’t get my graceful coordination!


Thursday, January 2, 2014


Lizzie didn’t ask for a bike for Christmas but Santa thought she was ready to move up from the tricycle.  What Santa didn’t realize is that the biggest difference between a tricycle and bicycle is that a tricycle does not have brakes.  So when Lizzie used to pedal backwards, so did the tricycle.  Now when she does it the bicycle comes to a quick stop.  This was a bit frustrating to our little one at first and she quickly moved back to her trusty tricycle.  After a little more encouragement and want to keep up with big sister she was back on a pedaling along.  There were quite a few stops and requests for help to keep going but she was determined to not let the bicycle win. 


Taylor Tuesday

I’m two days late but determined to start this year off right and get you pictures of our girls.  It doesn’t help that we start our day like this and often end our day snuggled on the couch watching movies.  If if you asked me at the beginning of Christmas break how I felt, you might have heard me muttering something about feeding the kids to the sharks are our new aquarium, but then something changed and we’ve had a blast.  We’ve played games, raked leaves, played outside, played with friends, enjoyed Christmas traditions, caroled, built gingerbread houses, eaten way too many sweets, busted out many choruses of the Frozen soundtrack, had more than one candy cane before lunchtime, watched lots of holiday cartoons/movies, and stretched our imaginations in playtime.  I can’t believe our break is coming to an end, but I do look forward to routine again and watching what 2014 unfolds for our family.



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