Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Taylor Tuesday

I had a hard time picking today’s photo.  We are on vacation right now and I’ve actually had the time to capture Taylor in some funny photos.  This one just made me smile because she was so proud of herself for figuring out how to use this part of the playground.  The other little boys playing nearby called it monkey bars so Taylor thought it was necessary to make the monkey noise while climbing.  I have to say that there is never a boring day anymore with Taylor around!  And I LOVE seeing her face light up when she figures out something new!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Taylor Tuesday

Chris, Taylor, and I spent the weekend in San Antonio going to Sea World.  This was Taylor’s first trip but due to Chris & I’s love for sealife it wasn’t her first time around sea animals.  She had a blast and her favorite part was watching the sea lions.  We spent time watching them both days and she still talks about them.  I was such a pleasure to watch her little face light up with excitement while seeing all the different animals and shows! 


Stay tuned for a full blog post about our Sea World adventures!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It’s a….

the predictions were made


the cake was cute as could be and made by my creative friend Megan at Trendy Treats

IMG_0028 IMG_0024

we even had my mom on the video chat so she could watch from fort worth


it’s a…. girl!

IMG_0039     IMG_0049    

the family then proceeded to send out the much awaited texts to those waiting to hear.. how technology has changed the way things happen.

 IMG_0055 IMG_0056

taylor still insists that she’s having a baby pickle instead of a baby sister, but we are thrilled to be adding more little girl giggles to our household.  chris keeps saying no to the pink, but i think it’s a little late for that :)  the ultrasound showed that our little bean is very healthy and everything is going great with the pregnancy.  since chris wouldn’t talk names with me until we found out the sex, we are now starting the name game.  any suggestions for girl names(no t first names, too matchy-matchy for me)????

and i’ll leave you with one of the few clear pictures of bean.  she was quite a stinker and kept moving her hands, and even feet, in front of her face today.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Taylor Tuesday

We are already in trouble since one certain little girl LOVES to drive our cars and especially her PawPaw's boat!  Good thing there's not a age requirement to drive a boat, but I'm still thinking two might be a bit young.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bean 18 week update

 IMG_8084 IMG_8086

Little bean I can’t believe we are almost half way thru this ride and getting that much closer to meeting you.  I’ve felt you kick/move a few times but that’s only after I finally stop and relax for the day.  There’s this little girl(who already loves you so much) that keeps me so busy all day, that you are going to have to make your movements a bit bigger so Momma can feel them.  Plus, your Dad is also excited to be able to feel your movements too.  In one week we will find out if you are a boy bean or girl bean!  Taylor informed me tonight that she thinks you should be called Pickle.  She’s already taking after your Dad.  He wanted to name his little sister Newspaper.(I’m glad YaYa and PawPaw decided to go with Kellie instead) Taylor even gives you hugs and kisses.  It just warms my heart to think of how much she will love you but then I hope she doesn’t teach you her flair for dramatic tantrums.  My attempts to take ‘belly’ pics weren’t as successful since Taylor wanted to eat the bell pepper instead of letting me hold it for the picture.  You are supposed to be about the same size as the pepper and it seems like just yesterday we were getting an ultrasound and you were the size of a bean.  You’re still our little bean and I love you!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Taylor Tuesday

Boy do I wish this vacuum actually worked!  Taylor really wanted to help me clean the other day and I was really excited that she chose the stairs bc I HATE vacuuming the stairs.  Gotta love the sass you get while she vacuums!


Monday, June 7, 2010

Graduation & Birthday cards

I know I promised to show more stamped creations on here since I’ve been feeling better and I’ve truly been stamping, but I forget to post pictures.  Even worse when I forget to take pictures of some of my favorite cards.  I’ve also been working on creating a ‘stash’ of birthday, thank you, and thinking of you cards so that I can have them handy when #2 comes and I don’t have as much time to stamp.  It’s been a few years, but I do remember that with a baby comes sleepless nights and hope to be better prepared this time around.  Anyways, here are some of my creations:

  IMG_7775 IMG_7945

These are two graduation cards I made using the school colors

IMG_7947   IMG_8023IMG_7772

A retirement card for my principal ~ pregnancy congrats card for my dear friend(the wings of the butterfly are popped up for a 3D look) ~ one of the mother’s day cards I made(sorry the picture is so blurry)

Happy 31 Baby!

I’m a few weeks behind on this one, but we recently celebrated Chris’ birthday.  If it were up to him we would just act like it’s any other day and go on, but I LOVE birthdays and do everything I can to make his day special.  This year was definitely a new, and fun, adventure for me as Taylor helped pick out his gifts, wrapping paper, balloons, paper goods, and make his cake.  While I had to help steer her away from Handy Manny or mermaid themed items, it was fun to watch her get excited.  We also had to explain to her several times that it wasn’t her birthday.  We actually celebrated Chris’ birthday the day before since we were going to be heading out of town on his actual birthday.  Taylor was a great help in making his cookie cake.  While she doesn’t know what cookie dough tastes like yet, she made sure the chocolate chips were okay.  The cake turned out great and she loved being my helper.  I saved the icing part until naptime since I didn’t want her too hyped up on sugar! 

 IMG_7975 IMG_7978

That evening we headed over to Chris’ parents for swimming and BBQ.  We have now learned not to mention swimming until a few minutes before we actually go or Taylor will keep telling you ‘I go swimming’, ‘I wear mermaid(her swimsuit)’, ‘I put on spray(sunscreen)’, and ‘I put on jacket(swimvest)’.  I love her enthusiasm and the fact that she reminds me to put her sunscreen on.  I have no clue where she got her love for sunscreen from ;) 

IMG_7984Taylor loved helping Chris open his presents and blow the candles out on his cake.     

 IMG_7989  IMG_7991

We had lots of fun and I look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you babe!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Northbound I-35

A few weekends ago Taylor and I set off for Fort Worth and left Chris at home.  We really wanted to take him but since our adventures started midweek it became a girls trip.

IMG_7776She’s learned to kick back and relax on car rides just like her Momma

 IMG_7777    IMG_7782 IMG_7783

We had to stop at the monkeys and orangutans for Aunt KK

IMG_7778 IMG_7784  IMG_7786

Nana & Tay ~ cute baby giraffes ~ Tay, Nana, and Great Granny

  IMG_7800       IMG_7796   IMG_7799 

Flamingos ~ gorgeous tigers ~ Tay & I near the kangaroos

After the zoo and some time playing at Aunt Desha’s house, I refreshed Taylor’s memory of snow cones.  When given flavor choices she picked ‘purple’ aka grape.  Again I am thankful she can feed herself so I got to enjoy my own snow cone.  (did i mention that we made a detour the next night for another snow cone?)


Then some much need cousin time at Nana’s house

 IMG_7804          IMG_7814      

And watching Kailee’s dance recital.  Taylor kept saying ‘I dance too’ and still talks about watching Kailee dance in her prayers each night.  I forget how fun it is to watch little girl dance recitals.  We got some good laughs from watching them and I got some good girl name ideas from the program.


We ended the weekend by celebrating my cousin’s graduation from SMU Law school.  It seems like just yesterday we were playing Barbie's at Granny’s house and now she is studying to take the bar… crazy!IMG_5808 It was an awesome weekend but we were glad to get back home to Chris and head southbound on I-35.  The snow cone stands of HEB are safe from the Lambert girls until we return again.

Two Year Old Pics

I actually took Taylor to get her pictures done back in April, but finally stopped and scanned them.  I’m working on checking off things on my to-do list today and this won over cleaning out bookcases for our garage sale.  Taylor was such a goofball during these pictures and then wouldn’t wear the cute hat I had to go with her denim skirt, but I still love how they turned out.  It’s amazing what you can get her to do with the bribe of a few M&M’s!

IMG_0006 IMG IMG_0001 IMG_0002 - Copy IMG_0004 - Copy IMG_0005

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Taylor Tuesday

Looks like someone has already taken on some of Daddy's fashion sense on boots with shorts.  I won't object since she looks adorable.  She also informed Chris that she wants pink boots.



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