Thursday, July 31, 2008

Take me out to the ballgame

For PawPaw's birthday last week we went to the Round Rock Express game. They were giving out baseball Mr. Potatoheads and we were craving funnel cake!(Plus Mia can get her cheesecake chimichangas on the way home. Well, not just Mia... we ALL love them!) So Taylor got to go to her first baseball game. She was even ready with her Astros t-shirt that Aunt KK had bought her. Before we could sit down, we had to go get Taylor a hat so she was ready to be a true Express fan.
Taylor tried really hard to stay awake, but the Express just weren't playing that good.

PawPaw had to make sure that he got in some 'Taylor Time' at the game.
Taylor loves her PawPaw!

While PawPaw had Taylor, I got to enjoy funnel cake without getting powdered sugar on Taylor and Chris and I got a Taylor-free picture.


I have been so busy lately with Taylor experiencing lots of 'Firsts'. She had her first Lambert Rio Bonito experience in Wimberly, but those pictures are all on Chris' laptop and I'll have to pull them off for a blog later on. Tummy time has always been a fight for us and Taylor normally hates it. She ends up just licking the blanket or playmat until she works herself into a good crying fit that I can't stand to leave her there anymore. Well a friend suggested that I prop her up on a pillow on her tummy and I was looking for anything to get her to enjoy tummy time. Well it must of worked because last week Taylor started holding her head up from the moment she was put on her stomach. It's amazing how quickly she transitioned to this new skill! I thought it would be forever until she enjoyed tummy time. So here is our little girl enjoying her new view on life. She used to spend much of the day on her back and now she likes to play on her tummy.

This really isn't a first, but Taylor got to see her Aunt Desha on Saturday. Desha is my best friend from high school and my friend that I've known the longest. We even survived being college rivals! Desha was there when Taylor was born and takes advantage of any opportunity she can to hold this little girl! We had fun eating Rudy's BBQ and catching up.

Back to our 'Firsts'.... since Taylor is now sleeping at least 6 hours at night I made the BIG step of moving her out of the bassinet in our bedroom and to her crib in her room. I really think this step is more about when us Moms are ready and less about when the baby is ready. Yes, I did wait until she was sleeping longer to move her but I finally told Chris to push me to do it. It was so hard to leave my little girl in a different room and not be an arm's reach from her! I think I stood there for 20 minutes just watching her the first time I put her down. Then I turned the monitor as loud as it would go and put it on the edge of my nightstand. I'm not sure my body knew what to do without Taylor's little night noises that Chris had to wake me up when she woke up. All and all she did great the first night and has since then. I even took the bassinet in our room down. Kinda weird to have that empty space in our room where she used to sleep every night and nap. Here are a few pictures that I took this week. Taylor is always in a different position when she wakes up from when I put her down. I also think it's cute how little she looks in her crib. Chris is excited that we are finally getting to use her room for more than a closet.

Taylor did have another 'First' and that is that she rolled from her back to her front and then from her tummy to her back. Like I wasn't already overwhelmed with all her other firsts last week, she threw those in there too. She's only done it a few times so I don't have pictures yet, but she does it in her sleep because I often find her on her tummy when I go to wake her up. Stay tuned for my next post because Taylor's other first deserves it's own post!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

PawPaw Birthday

Happy Birthday Dad/PawPaw!!!

Taylor is so lucky to have a wonderful grandfather like you! For your birthday we made you a special birthday video.(Note: This is our first attempt at video messages so bear with me as Taylor gets hyperfocused on the camera for a few seconds)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dusting off my stamps

I am doing a Stampin' Up party for my mother-in-law at the end of the month and came up with our make-n-take ideas last night. It was so much fun to get my stamps out and create again. I hope Taylor keeps up with her regular naps so that I can get into my craft room more often! For those who live in the area, let me know if you are interested in learning how to make any of these ideas.

This item can hang over the neck of a wine bottle with chocolates in the box or
a water bottle with those lemonade/tea instant packs.

This is an envelope brag book. Inside the book there is room to hold 5 4x6 photos.

Lastly, we have a small card that is perfect to top a wrapped gift.

3 Months Old

I can't believe that Taylor is already 3 months old. More technically, she was 3 months yesterday but I am a little behind in posting. See my next post to find out what I was busy doing last night instead of blogging. I know that Taylor has grown over the past month, but looking back at pictures it is amazing HOW much she has changed already. At her 2 month doctor checkup she was 12 lbs and I think she is now somewhere around 14. All I know is that she jumped from being in newborn clothes/diapers for quite sometime and now she is about to outgrow her 0-3 month clothes. Here's a little look back on how our little girl has changed.

This is the day she came home from the hospital. It's amazing how big that newborn outfit looks on her!

One month old

Two months old

Three months old

This outfit was so cute that you needed a front and 'Butt' view. Plus Taylor got to play in her crib. At 3 months she is loving her Bebe Pod chair so that she can look around, starting to interact her the toys on her bouncy chair, almost rolling from her back to her stomach, holding her head up for small amounts of time while on her tummy(most of the time she licks the playmat), sleeping 6 hours at night, finding her fists on a regular basis and loves to suck on them, can hold a rattle or link for a short amount of time, starting to make loud happy noises almost like laughing, and often wakes up in her bassinet cooing and making happy noises.

Happy 3 months Pea!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lake Baby

There are many things that continue to prove to me that Chris and I are soulmates, but one of them is our joint love for the lake. My grandparents had a lakehouse that I could have lived at all summer long if my parents would let me. My childhood is full of wonderful memories from Possum Kingdom Lake and I was so excited to learn that Lake Travis is so similar.(especially since it only takes us 15 minutes to get there from our house). Well, Chris and I have spent many long summer days hanging out at the lake over the past 5 years I've been here and we wondered what it would be like once Taylor came along. Let me just say.. Taylor is our little lake baby. She has been out on her Mia and PawPaw's 4 times now and continues to love it. I may love it even more when she takes nice LONG naps during and after the boat rides. Here are some pictures from last Sunday when we went out for a morning ride before all the July 4th weekenders came out.
Taylor started off the morning hanging out
with Mia and avoiding the sun. Must keep
a little girl's fair skin out of the harsh Texas sun.

Chris looks like he's focusing really hard on driving, but he was really posing for the picture!

While Chris drove the boat, PawPaw had fun playing in the front hatch. Can you tell that we are a family full of Red Raiders???

Taylor was still worn out after a morning
on the boat that she was fast asleep when
we got back to the marina.

PawPaw and Mia love their boat!

Taylor makes her photo debut in her Bjorn.
After a few practice rounds at the house she was ready for the marina. This was must easier than pushing her stroller back up the steep hill. I just make sure to clip paci to the carrier so that it didn't end up in the lake!

Update: I just realized that some of the 'lost pictures' included ones of me, Chris, and Taylor at the lake. Guess we'll just have to take a little girl back for more lake time.

Pics Update

Who has the best husband in the world??? I do! Chris worked some of his technology guruness and recovered almost all of the pictures from the SD card. I think I lost about 10 pictures, but I am so happy to have any of them. Be prepared because I now have to make up for those few pictures lost with lots taken over the next few days!

I love you Chris for staying up late to try and recover the pictures off my SD card! You are the best husband!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lost Pictures

Taylor is asleep and I thought I would finally post some pictures of our adventures over the last few weeks and I think my SD card decided to wipe itself clean last night. I thought my laptop was just being funny about reading the card and figured I would upload them to my desktop today but they aren't there. The cute pictures of Taylor out on the boat last weekend and even some of her in her Bjorn are potentially gone. I am so frustrated and really hope it's something that I'm not doing right so Chris is going to try and look at it for me in a little bit but I had to vent. Shame on me for not blogging more regularly or less pictures would be lost!!!

Thanks for listening to me vent!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Unique Workout

So I figured that Taylor is almost 3 months old and I really need to keep up with my workouts to get rid of that last little bit of baby belly. I think I look like I'm about 3 months pregnant and it's not as cool to have a belly if there's not a baby in there! I try getting up early to go walking with Taylor, but in this Texas heat you have to be back in from walking at 8am to keep from completely melting. Therefore the Wii Fit looked very enticing. Monday I feed Taylor and then put her in the swing to watch Mommy workout. Well that lasted for maybe 10 minutes before she decided that swinging was not for her. I really wanted to get in a few more minutes of Wii so that I could actually count it as a workout, so I grabbed Taylor and proceeded to do the Step Aerobics. This can be quite challenging to begin with and was even more of a workout with a baby on hand, but after a little bit I got into a groove and baby and I were both happy.

Now, fast forward to today when I wanted to do the Wii again and Taylor was still not wanting to nap. I've really been wanting to get Taylor to like the Baby Bjorn so she'd be ready for shopping in Wimberly, so I strapped her in and started my step routine again. This time it was a bit more challenging due to not being able to see my feet, but Taylor loved it and even fell asleep to the rhythmic bouncing. She stayed content for me to do 30 minutes of workout on the Wii, including some Hula Hoop, all thanks to the lovely Bjorn. I'm sure this had to do some kind of extra workout for my legs with the extra weight so I'm hoping it burn fat even faster. I'm sure that Bjorn did not have Wii workout in mind when they created their product, but it works. I'm going to keep working out with her in it as long as she doesn't want to swing or sleep and hopefully she'll grow to love her Bjorn so much that she'll let Mommy do lots of shopping in Wimberly while she hangs out in it.(Most Wimberly shops do not allow strollers so I had to come up with an alternative so I can shop while Chris plays golf)

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