Thursday, January 22, 2015


I try not to be shocked anymore when Lizzie comes down the stairs in random outfits.  On this day it was more cuteness than a wow factor.  Lizzie hasn't been in dance for over 9 months, has no desire to take dance class, but does find the need to full dress in dance gear every so often and request music videos.  I sat back and watched as she rocked her little tutu off to Taylor Swift, Meaghan Trainor, Pitbull, and Ariana Grande.  This girl likes her music and dancing makes her happy.

Taylor Tuesday

I was reminded this week of how much other people enjoy these emails and pictures when the girls 94 year old great grandmother kindly commented that she missed seeing their pictures.  I didn't even know my father-in-law was forwarding them on to her.  Her comment made me think about how I may see the girls everyday but some of our friends and family don't.  Plus I know that years from now I will not remember why Taylor stopped to give me her sweet smile or why Lizzie was doing something adorable.  So my loved ones, here is the girl who started it all giving us one of her sweet smiles that I love so much.  Happy Taylor Tuesday on Thursday!


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