Friday, October 31, 2008

Go Vote!

This special edition of Taylor Tuesday Friday comes to you as a reminder to go vote. I am not trying to persuade you on who to vote for, but take advantage of one of the great privileges of our country and go vote. Taylor did! Well she didn't actually vote… she accompanied me, but they gave her the sticker. Today is the last day of early voting in Texas and I didn't even have to wait in line at all.

Happy Halloween!


Disclaimer: The Big 12 needs to rethink when they schedule the Tech vs UT game in the future so that it does not fall on Halloween weekend so that I do not have to dress my child in orange so close to the big game day.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Taylor Tuesday

It's that time of the week again....

We took Taylor to her first pumpkin patch on Friday. We first visited the pumpkins that were her size. This was also her first time to sit in the grass so she was very interested in what this green stuff she could grab was. After telling her no a few times, she moved on to checking out all the pumpkins sitting around her. They were just the right size for grabbing.

Next we moved on to the full size pumpkins. All the pictures we have, Taylor's head is turned to check out all the large pumpkins. She looked tiny sitting among them. So I decided to jump in the picture in hopes to get one of her facing forward.

I can't wait until next year when Taylor is running around the pumpkins! Each day she shows more and more of her personality and I love it! Hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Taylor Tuesday

and yes it's thursday and i'm just now posting taylor tuesday. i sent out my email to my family late tuesday afternoon, but haven't gotten around to posting. my poor blog has been pushed aside while i do other things. this picture is from last week when i caught taylor not napping. as i type this, i am listening to taylor on the monitor not napping again. i swear, that child can have great napping days and then not so great napping days. chris can always tell when she naps like a champ because i actually get stuff done around the house and find a little free time for me. maybe i should throw taylor in the stroller and go for a walk to get her to go to sleep. plus this wonderful fall air would feel great! hope you have a wonderful thursday!

6th Picture in your 6th foder

my friend annalee did this and i thought it was a fun idea. i just got this laptop in june, so my pictures aren't that old and are almost ALL of taylor. i loved going back and seeing taylor when she was smaller. this picture is of my two favorite people! it was father's day and taylor's first swimming experience.

now go to your 6th folder and 6th picture and post it. if you do, let me know so that i can see what you find too!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Taylor Tuesday

Okay, so I know it's now Wednesday and I'm just now posting Taylor Tuesday, but yesterday was my one day a month to work. Plus... it was Taylor's big 6 month birthday, so anytime not at work was spent playing with her! We started off the day with a yummy breakfast of cereal and applesauce. Taylor still gives me funny looks every so often, but ends up eating the whole bowl anyways. She really likes to try holding the spoon herself.

While we have been celebrating Taylor's achievements, I didn't realize that it would make picture taking more difficult. I was so excited that Taylor would finally be able to sit up like a big girl in the chair for her picture, that I didn't think about how distracted she would be with toys on the floor of her room. Here are my attempts at a few pictures:

Then came the mommy don't take my picture looks or the why did you just take that caterpillar toy away from me looks.

Finally, here are some that actually turned out cute of our little girl. I just love that drooly smile!

I just can't believe that our little girl is already 6 months old and half way to her first birthday! Here are some of the things that Taylor has been up to this past month:
  • Nicknames: Pea, Tay Tay, Frog, Ranita
  • Foods eaten: Rice cereal, carrots, and applesauce
  • 17 lbs by my estimate on the scale. We'll find out her real weight next week at her check-up
  • Favorite toys: Coco the monkey, ladybug, the bunny on her changing pad, ducky book, the bug teething ring, toy keys/llaves, the TV remote control, computer mouse, our telephone
  • Sitting up on her own while playing with toys
  • Going from a crawling to sitting position
  • Crawling(check the video out below if you haven't yet) and boy can she move
  • She wants everything I have or am holding
  • Continuing to put everything in her mouth
  • Loves to make noises
  • Discovered Sadie(dog) and Tessa(cat)
  • Still hasn't noticed her earrings, but loves jewelry on everyone else
  • She figured out how to turn the aquarium in her crib on by herself. It's funny to find her in the morning or after a nap just watching the fish.
I can really tell the differences in the past month and the BIGGEST one is crawling. Boy does Taylor keep me on my toes(on knees crawling after her)! Guess it's time to get all those outlets and cabinets baby proofed!


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fabulous Friday

I'm so excited it's Friday!!! So in honor of a great day, I have listed some of my favorite things:

1. Sonic Happy Hour - is it sad that I plan my outings around when happy hour is at Sonic so that I can stop by on my way home for an unsweet tea with lime or a lime slushy... Boy do I love my Sonic stop and I'm sure they know my car by now.

2. Dark chocolate - my ultra fav is from Ethel M's, but that is a rare find since you can only get it in Vegas. My best friend rocked when she brought me back chocolates during my pregnancy!!! I have put myself on chocolate restriction for the next week and a half so that I look my best in the bridesmaid dress for my cousin's wedding. :(

3. Taylor's new Fisher Price Rainforest booster chair. Because of this chair, I have been able to eat out a restaurant with Taylor and the family 4 different times without her getting fussy. I know this sounds like a funny thing, but I missed being able to eat a meal without having to hold her. I love being a mom, but I like enjoying a good meal too. The other night Taylor was having so much fun that she kept playing until it was time to leave and was upset to have to get out of her booster chair. Plus, the chair folds up so that the chair back is a handle to carrying it by. To my fellow April moms, if you don't have this it is well worth the investment!

4. Trashy gossip magazines - I know they keep the paparazzi in business and with very little free reading time, it amazes me that this is what I choose to read, but I love knowing what Britney is doing now or which 15 year old star is pregnant.

5. My phone.. Blackberry Pearl - I love that I can keep track of all my contacts, appointments, and to-do lists in one place. See next fav to explain this more

6. To-Do lists - I LOVE to-do lists. This is how I function on a daily basis and make sure that I accomplish more than just play with Taylor all day long. As much as I love to play with Taylor, I do have to work somedays and lists help me make sure that I get everything done on time so that I can play more. There are lists all over my house, on my phone, in the top drawer of my nightstand, and on my laptop. OCD a bit much???

7. Christmas and it's only 76 days away. I have already stated looking for Taylor's stocking and can't wait for her to see the Christmas tree in all it's beauty. I also can't wait to see her eat the wrapping paper instead of care what the actual presents are. Just think... lights, music, presents, family and only a few months away!

8. Stamping - I love stamping, but only when I have a specific goal in mind. I need to have a reason or person to create a card for. This way I can customize the card for that person. I got into my craft room late Wednesday night and did some creating. Watch for a post about that once I actually get pictures of my creations.(Another thing on my to-do list)

9. My DVR - this should be higher on the list, but I'm too lazy to move it up and redo all the pictures. I love that I can watch a show anytime I want and without commercials. I thought this was a great invention before Taylor and now I appreciate it even more. Plus, I still haven't found many good shows after about 10 am and this becomes a great time to catch up on prime time TV while playing with Taylor.

10. My family! It starts with my wonderful husband that goes to work every day so that I can watch the DVR, eat chocolate, go to Sonic, play with Taylor, and my to-do lists. Next it's my beautiful baby girl that makes me smile everyday. Yes, I do have moments that I have no clue why she's crying or wish that she would stop getting up at 5:30, but I love her all the same. Plus, she helps remind me of how much I love using my imagination.(You ought to hear the stories and lullabies that I come up with on the fly) I also love my mom, Chris' mom, and Chris' dad for being such amazing parents to me and grandparents to Taylor. I could go on and on to explain how I love each of my family members but it's more important to let you know that I can't imagine life without family around. They are part of what makes me who I am!

Now that you've made your way through this longer post without any pictures of Taylor, what are some of your favorite things?


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Little Flashdancer

I bet your wondering if Taylor has decided to flash back to the 80's and get her Flashdance on with leg warmers and the answer is no. Taylor is trying out her Baby Legs that Chris' cousin gave her. They are the cutest leg socks that protect her legs while she is crawling/scooting her way across the floors. I picked her up the other day after she had been playing on the floor and she had little red carpet burns from crawling. Before I put her back down, I pulled out her Baby Legs. Not only do they keep her little legs safe, they are adorable.

They're still a little big, but the way Taylor is growing it's nice to have that extra length. I also love that her feet are free so that she can move around easily. Plus Taylor has figured out how to pull her socks off, so these are great until she figures out how to pull them off too.

I thought I would throw this last picture of her in too. Taylor just loves playing on the floor with all her toys. She is also much faster at moving around and keep me almost as busy as she is. Well off to get a few more things done before nap time is over.

~ Wendy

Taylor Tuesday

Can you believe that we are already a week into October? Not too long before you'll get to see a Taylor Tuesday picture of Taylor in her Halloween costume! I'm actually on top of things today since I took the picture yesterday. Taylor was just having a very cute moment so I thought it would be a cute one to share. We moved on from cereal to carrots Friday, but they weren't well received, so we went back to plain cereal yesterday. Little Miss thinks that she does a better job of getting the cereal in with her fingers in between bites with the spoon so I grabbed the camera. I wish I had some pictures of her face while trying carrots. She would take the bite and then give us a face like 'what in the world did you just put in my mouth?' The funny thing is that she would then open her mouth for another bite a few seconds later and then the face would come back again. I tried the carrots twice and then figured we'd give up those for a few days. We are going to move to apples next to see if she likes the sweet fruits instead.

Have a happy Tuesday!

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