Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Taylor Tuesday

Over the weekend, Taylor worked on her silly faces that Aunt KK taught her.  It's quite a sight to see her attempting all these funny faces and trying to imitate her aunt!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Elizabeth’s Room

I know a few family members that are patiently waiting for me to post pictures of Elizabeth’s nursery, so keep in mind that I still have more work to do in there before it’s done.  It’s amazing to me how much this room has changed.  It started as a place to stack boxes when we first moved in and were still trying to figure out how to combine our stuff and while I figured out how to get rid of Chris’ college decorations(aka liquor bottles and 80 oz beer mugs).  Then after a few years I made it my office/craft room. 

IMG_0970 IMG_0971 

Don’t be scared by the craziness!  These pictures were taken at the height of mess when I had just quit working and had all my decorations and stuff from working.  Plus this room always ended up as the place to dump stuff whenever I didn’t know where else in the house to put it.  These pictures make me cringe!

Then just before Christmas last year, we decided to turn the dining room into my craft room and make this an upstairs playroom.  We knew eventually we wanted another kid and this would be his or her room and I had MAJOR work to do  before it could ever be anything else.  I wish I had a picture of the playroom because it was a great space for Tay and I to hang out and we have since combined much of the furniture from the playroom into our guest bedroom/playroom.  Taylor really enjoys having a space upstairs to go color or build blocks and Chris loves the futon for napping.  After lots of sorting, goodwill giving, and garage sale getting ready, Elizabeth’s room was finally down to this(it starts with the view when you walk in the door and then as you look around):

IMG_0656 IMG_0657 IMG_0658 IMG_0659 IMG_0660

I know you are wondering about the random blues on the wall.  Chris prefers to not have rooms that look like the wedding from Steel Magnolias(blush and bashful anyone?) so I try to find color combos for the nursery that are different.  Taylor’s room is done in purple and greens and so I thought blue and pink would be fun for E’s room.  I learned my lesson from painting a room blue only to have it come out more like a O-WOW blue so I did a bit of color creating this time.


After trying out different shades, the color was picked, the edges taped off and ready for Chris to get painting. 

 IMG_0670  IMG_0672

All painting had to be done during naptime or after bedtime because Taylor wants to help out with Elizabeth’s room as much as possible.  She helped me take the tape up, clean the windows, and vacuum the room once the painting was done.  Then my super nesting, and only 11 weeks to go, rubbed off on Chris and he became super builder/installer. 

Bookcase built - check


Dresser built(with LOTS of help from Taylor) - check

IMG_0678 IMG_0685  IMG_0698

Crib built, crib skirt sewn, bedding on – check, check, check

(I actually sewed two skirts bc I didn’t like the color of the first one.  We are going with the lighter pink one on the right)

 IMG_0691  IMG_0697

New blinds hung, curtain rod hung, and a Taylor in a cube – check, check, check

 IMG_0705  IMG_0696    IMG_0702

Now I need to become good friends with my sewing machine again so I can finish the blackout window curtains and curtains for the closet.  The closet has bifold doors that Chris took off and we’ll replace with curtains.  The curtains worked well in Taylor’s room and keep little fingers from getting caught in the doors.  Plus somebody likes to play hide-and-seek behind them!  After sewing, I get to have fun adding some decorations to the walls and have some fun crafty projects in mind.  I hope you enjoyed the tour of Elizabeth’s room and I can’t wait to have a little one to bring home to this room!  Only 10 more weeks!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Project Life Thursday

Thursday almost got past me today and some sewing projects almost distracted me.  But I remembered!  Plus you will get to see pictures of those sewing projects next week!

Sunday: The nesting finally kicked into high gear and I picked a blue paint color for Elizabeth’s room.  Today we got her room taped and trimmed in.  The blue in the middle of the walls was my attempts to find the right shade of blue.


Monday: I know it’s not fair to working moms, but Taylor and I celebrated me not having to go to work today by going to the pool.  Taylor was like a little fish for almost two hours.  I love that she loves the water so much more now!


Tuesday: I have always been known to have a bit of a yellowish-brown thumb when it comes to plants, but that didn’t keep me from attempting a garden this year.  Something about growing our own vegetables gives me a sense of accomplishment.  I didn’t think out the shape of plants that I planted and more about what veggies I wanted.  So needless to say, when only the cucumbers, cantaloupe, okra, and squash(I think) survived it looks like a giant web of vines in our garden.  The cantaloupe vines look like they’re around to climb over the fence to our neighbors yard, but we do have a few prospects for fruit!  After Chris did some weeding and digging tonight, he found all these jewels.  The one cucumber looks like it’s on steroids, but made for excellent cucumber salad!


Wednesday: After putting it off for weeks, I finally took Taylor to get her hair cut.  This time was a true haircut since we trimmed up her bangs and took two inches off in the back.  You know it’s time to get your toddler’s haircut when it’s longer than yours!


Thursday: Chris picked up Elizabeth’s dresser and bookcase today and got busy putting them together.  I guess my super nesting is finally rubbing off on him!


Friday: It has been VERY hot lately, like over 100 everyday hot!  Hot weather calls for swimming pools and luckily Chris’ parents have a nice one.  Taylor wasn’t the only person who really enjoyed the pool this afternoon. 


Saturday: After having this project sitting on my craft table for months, I finally finished it.  This project also meant that I figured out how to cut vinyl with my Cricut and am already making a list of future projects.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Taylor Tuesday

I wasn't that great at remembering to grab the camera over the past week, but I did manage to capture our little helper in action.  Taylor has been wonderful about helping us get Elizabeth's room ready and has even found ways to entertain herself in new ways.


Stay tuned for more pictures of the nursery coming soon!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Potty Training part 2

Eight things about potty training I never knew:

  1. That your toddler can truly embarrass you when she exclaims loudly in the Target bathroom ‘Look Mommy!  You a big girl and kept your panties dry!’
  2. That a simple meal at a restaurant to give me a break from cooking can actually mean more work with the multiple trips to the bathroom.
  3. I never knew how fast I could run through a grocery store, with a cart FULL of food, and 7 months pregnant when told ‘I need to go potty’ and ‘go faster Mommy’
  4. That I would do a dance with my daughter each morning that she made it accident free
  5. That I would also be the one to console her when she did have an accident and was very upset about her panties and shorts
  6. It does matter which panties you wear each day and picking them is a vital part of my toddler’s life.
  7. My heart leaps with excitement when she is successful in her attempts and it also aches at how quickly she is growing up.
  8. I love not having to figure out where to lay my kiddo down to change a diaper, but now wonder where the bathrooms are in each store so that I’m prepared for that ‘go faster’ moment.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Project Life Thursday

I actually did my homework and have pictures sorted, labeled, and done prior to the Thursday.  Now I just hope I remember to publish this post on Thursday.

Sunday: Part of my nesting included minimizing a bookcase downstairs that held DVD’s and then figuring out what to do with all the DVD’s that were in Elizabeth’s room.  It is crazy how many DVD’s we have and why we have some of them.  Flashbacks to days when it was cheaper for us to buy new than pay all the late fees on rentals.  Thank God for Netflix!


Monday: Each Monday morning I do two things when I hear the trash truck start to get close.  1) I wonder if Chris remembered to take out the trash from the kitchen since I cleaned out the fridge last night and 2) Get downstairs so that Taylor can watch(and thank) the trash men.


Tuesday: I only work outside the home one day a month, but for some reason work fell on my 30th birthday this year.  Last year I had to work on Taylor’s first birthday.  I guess that’s part of being a grown up.  Good thing is that I got to start my day by cuddling in bed with this cutie.


Wednesday: As Taylor was going down for nap it was starting to thunder, so I told her we could go look for a rainbow after nap.  It actually did rain but we were unsuccessful with our rainbow hunt.  Taylor needed her new kitty umbrella just in case it started raining again.


Thursday: Today we attended the Joe McDermott concert at church with some of our friends.  Taylor loved dancing around to the first couple of songs and then quickly lost interest. 


Friday: I’m not the only person in this house that loves snow cones.  Taylor actually came up with the idea for snow cones tonight and then made sure we knew that she wanted a PINK snow cone. 


Saturday: We celebrated my 30th with the family at Hula Hut.  Their stuffed avocado makes this mama one happy woman!  Plus I remembered to grab a family photo while Taylor was running around asking where PawPaw’s boat was.  She thinks that every time we are at a lake that PawPaw’s boat is there.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Taylor Tuesday

It is amazing how much dinner you can get a toddler to eat if you tell her there is a pink snow cone in her future.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Me at 30

A week ago a turned 30 and started this post, but got distracted with life.  I remember as a kid thinking that was old.  I try not to think that way now!  Instead, I am trying to embrace 30 by celebrating in many ways.  My girls trip to New York was a great way to get things started.  And my 29 before 30 list has made me be proactive in accomplishing some bucket list items before the big 3-0.  Here are some things about me right now:IMG_8678

  • I am wife to Chris and mother to Taylor & soon to be born Elizabeth
  • I am mostly a SAHM but work part time from home as the Executive Director for CTSA
  • I LOVE dark chocolate
  • Unsweet tea with lime makes me very happy and if it’s from Sonic(with the good ice) I’m even happier
  • I love when Chris kisses me goodbye in the morning and hello when he comes home
  • I also enjoy our unspoken ways of saying ‘I love you’
  • I have really embraced reading over the past few years and enjoy my few minutes of escape.  Don’t ask me about serious books since my reading tends to be about vampires, flirty fun, shopping, and celebrity biographies
  • Target is a dangerous store for me and one of my favorites
  • I have to fall asleep with the TV on
  • I am obsessed with chapstick and rotate between Burt Bees and Gap lip balm(you can find them hidden all over my house)
  • I take my shoes off as soon as possible when I get home
  • I am probably one of the few Americans that does not want an iPhone.  I <3 my blackberry and it’s ability to hold my to-do list!
  • I look forward to playdates as a chance to talk with fellow mommy’s
  • I love my to-do lists and have at least 3 at any time (checking things off my list makes me giddy)
  • I rarely wash my makeup off at night(bad habit)
  • I am a t-shirt, jeans, and pony tail kind of girl but have embraced dresses during this pregnancy
  • I have to make the bed each day and have a husband and daughter that do a great job of messing it up after it’s made
  • Potty training and getting ready for Elizabeth have taken over my life right now
  • I have always loved our church but am really starting to find my own home there and love discovering the person I am becoming as I do this. 
  • I am a proud Momma of a toddler that is constantly amazing me with new things she learns and does everyday. 
  • I am Wendy and loving life!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Project Life

Where did Thursday go and how is it already Friday???  Well I might be a day late, but here are my project life photos from last week:

Sunday: Seems like washing Taylor’s sheets are a consistent part of my life right now.  Potty training has taken over my world and washing machine.


Monday: Quote of the day ‘Guess Elizabeth just wanted to get her picture taken.’ from Nana


Tuesday: Swimming at YaYa’s house.  Taylor kept telling us ‘I swim by myself’. 


Wednesday: Taylor has a new game where she likes to lower her face and look out under her eyebrows.  It makes for some creepy photos, but immediately after this she gives the sweetest laughs.


Thursday: This picture has been cropped for internetness.  The true picture shows our cutie and her fondness for being ‘nakie’ for a bit after bath.  She runs around like a wild banshee while Chris and I attempt to get pjs on her and brush her hair. 


Friday: Taylor thought she was too cute in this basket but also informed me that you need to make the elephant noise while sitting in the basket.(hence the face)


Saturday: Today I had a Stampin’ Up workshop at my house to create these cards.  I love a chance to be creative and socialize at the same time.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Taylor Tuesday

This is the face of our little girl when we finally figured out a time of the day that we can play outside without worrying about the playscape being too hot!  Also add in a Mama playing around with different lighting with the nicer camera and you get a fun photo. 


Ask her to smile and you get the second photo.  Thanks Chris for teaching her this face!


Friday, August 6, 2010


If you ask what/who’s in mommy’s tummy Taylor will promptly answer you… Pickle, my baby sister.  Chris and I finally decided on Elizabeth for the baby’s name.  So I will slowly be working on teaching Taylor that Pickle is not the only name for her baby sister.  And if you come to our house, she might drag you to Pickle’s room to show you how she’s been helping pick paint colors for the room.  She loves helping out with stuff for the baby and even tickles my tummy telling me that she’s tickling her baby sister.  I REALLY hope she continues to love the baby after she is born.

It’s hard to believe that I am already 6 1/2 months(26 weeks) along and down to the double digit in the countdown of days until Elizabeth gets here!  I was so much better at taking weekly pictures with Taylor and now she likes to jump in my belly pics.  I love that she wants to be part of the baby’s life and hope her excitement continues after the baby comes too.  So here are a few belly pics to show how Elizabeth is growing, from the outside.

IMG_8479 IMG_8526

22 weeks ~ 24 weeks

Just to compare belly sizes, here is a picture of me at 28 weeks with Taylor and 26 weeks with Elizabeth. 

01.28.08(4) 28 weeks IMG_8669

ps. i can no longer see my feet unless i lean over.  my current view(without piggies)



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