Wednesday, December 29, 2010


While I love the sweet smiles and squeaky noises that our happy girl makes, I also enjoy moments like this


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Taylor Tuesday

I'm not sure who was having more fun, whether it was Chris taking the picture or Taylor posing.  I couldn't pick just one so Chris suggested a collage of my favorites.  These are from Christmas morning, so I love that bokeh from the tree.

December 10

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!  May your day be filled with joy and laughter and may you remember the true meaning of the season!  I have a wonderful family and two beautiful girls to remind me of the blessings that God gives us each day. 


Friday, December 24, 2010

Helping Santa

No one can ever explain the excitement you get as a parent when your child starts to understand the holidays.  I loved that Taylor finally understood Halloween this year and really knew what she wanted to be and even started picking out what Chris and I were going to be too.  Christmas has been a real adventure.  While she is great at remembering that we are really celebrating Jesus’ birthday, it doesn’t keep her from saying ‘I ask that for Christmas’.  Commercials/newspaper ads have made their affect on my little one and she is constantly informing us about items she wants to ask for or for Santa to bring her.  She even did a great job when visiting Santa and told him that she wanted Tinkerbell.


So as everyone asked her what she wanted Santa to bring, it slowly changed to Ariel and then more specifically an Ariel with the little Flounder.  I started to panic thinking that Santa would not be aware of this change and made sure he had her updated wish list.  I even had all my Christmas shopping done too!  Then over the weekend my little dear’s Santa wish changed back to Tinkerbell and then to a Tinkerbell castle.  Another BIG panic set in and luckily Chris was able to help me let Santa know of the change but I’m still not sure what Tinkerbell castle is and Santa doesn’t either.  When I saw this comic yesterday it made me laugh.  I have always loved Family Circus and Baby Blues, but truly appreciate the humor now that I am a parent.  I can’t wait to see what future years bring us, but also can’t wait to tell Taylor this story when she becomes a parent.


Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Elizabeth was very excited about her new bow over the weekend.  It might take her a few years to grow into it, but Daddy can't complain about it being pink ;)


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Announcing Elizabeth

After much debate, I decided to do an announcement for Elizabeth separate from our Christmas card.  We put them in the same envelope to avoid double postage, but I wanted Elizabeth to have her own time to shine on a card.  Plus I just love how her pictures turned out!  So here is our announcement for little Miss Elizabeth: 

E Announcement 2-001_thumb

Merry Christmas

I would love to send each and every one of my blog followers a Christmas card, but since I can’t I thought I would share it here with you.  May this holiday season bring you love, joy, and faith!

Christmas Card2010-001

Taylor Tuesday

This isn't the clearest picture, but I had to make it our Taylor Tuesday.  Taylor couldn't wait to see her cousins this past weekend and I took this picture without having to ask her to smile.  She didn't want to let go of Johanna's hand as soon as they arrived.  I love to see her enjoying her cousins as much I as do mine.  Now let's just hope that Nana's house has recovered from three(and an infant) granddaughters!


Thursday, December 16, 2010


I have been trying so hard to catch Elizabeth smiling on camera, but she can go from smiling and cooing to a full blown fit in a matter of seconds so I often just enjoy those sweet smiles/sounds while they are happening.  Here is one of my attempts to catch a smile.  She is actually looking at me but I was holding the camera away from my face so I could get her to smile.  And yes... I am one of those parents that will do any sort of strange thing to make my kid laugh/smile.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Taylor Tuesday

I still have 30 minutes until midnight, so it's still officially Tuesday right???  Onto our picture of the week... Taylor is getting into the holiday season and decided that she wanted to be a nutcracker the other morning.  I'm not sure what about this makes her a nutcracker, but I love the imagination and creativity.  She even had to where her ensemble in the car on the way to school.  Little sister was not as enthusiastic about the getup when Taylor stated beating the pan in the car.  It will be her turn someday.


Thursday, December 9, 2010


I have a feeling that many of my Taylor Tuesdays or elizabeTHursdays will have both of the girls in it.  I often feel like I’m watching ‘Look Who’s Talking Too’ while watching the girls interact.  I can only imagine what is going through Elizabeth’s mind most of the time and Taylor tells me. 

My story for coming upon this ‘playtime’ is Taylor entertaining her sister(see the purple toy for her to play with in her bouncy) and Elizabeth thinking ‘please don’t let her help bounce my seat again Mom!’


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Taylor Tuesday

I guess my love for dance and music has rubbed off on Taylor because today she started her first dance class and...LOVED it!!!  I can't wait to watch her each week!


Friday, December 3, 2010

One Month


Sweet girl you are one month old and I can’t believe how quickly that month passed!  Here are a few things you’ve been up to in the past 30 days:

  • You started to move out of newborn clothes into 0-3 month at the end of your first month
  • Still in newborn diapers
  • Nursing was MUCH easier this time around but you also do just fine with a bottle when Momma needs a break!
  • In the past week you have started to have more ‘wake’ time during the day.  During this time you like to just look around(still a bit spastic in movements) and sometimes we get to hear your sweet little ‘la’ noises.  You love to watch Taylor and she is normally right next to you during this time.
  • You sleep through anything and any noise that your sister makes.  It amazes everyone how laid back you are and you only cry if you are hungry(boy do you let us know), dirty diaper, need to get a burp out, or if your clothes are being changed.  Unlike your sister, you do not like to be ‘nakee’ right now.  You have even given me a few 6 hour stretches at night of sleep.  This is a HUGE improvement from some of the 45 minute intervals that showed up around 2 weeks old. 
  • You love to snuggle with whoever will hold you, but mostly Dad.  The two of you could spend the entire weekend in the recliner sleeping away.  I am amazed at the ways he has figured out how to play with Taylor while still snuggled in the recliner with you.
  • Nicknames: little sista(not sure if it’s more Jamaican or gangsta), Pickle, E, Chubalita(Lita’s nickname for you), Elizabear, little birdie
  • Our most common question(besides does she look like Taylor) right now is what we are going to call you.  I guess no one actually goes by the name Elizabeth, but some form of nickname of it.  My best friend did some research one day and came up with a list(bad ones omitted) of possibilities.  Here are some of your potential nicknames: Bee, Beth, Bethey, Betsy, Bette, Betty, Ela, Eli, Eliaz, Elisa, Elise, Eliza, Ella, Elle, Ellie, Elsa, Elsie, Ely, Isabel, Iz, Izabel, Izabeth, Izzie, Izzy, Leeza, Libby, Lila, Lili, Lilibeth, Lilie, Lilla, Lillah, Lilli, Lillibeth, Lillie, Lilly, Lily, Lisa, Lisbeth, Lisette, Lissy, Liz, Liza, Lizbee, Lizz, Lizzie, Lizzy, and Zabe.  Guess only time will tell.
  • Quote of the month came from Taylor when she shared her beloved bunny with you and you spit up on it she said ‘Mommy, she milked on my bunny!’  This might not be too funny to non-parents of the world, but it had me rolling with Taylor’s creativity of words and still makes me laugh.  I wonder if this is one of those moments that we will embarrass Elizabeth with when she brings boys home for us to meet.
  • You like to give me the Stink Eye


Here are a few photos from your busy month



After your chair picture, Taylor had to have her turn.


And for a little flashback comparison.  Here are some pictures of Taylor during her first month.  There’s no denying they are sisters, but I see Elizabeth’s small differences.  I can’t wait to see what her personality is going to be like!


Thursday, December 2, 2010


Just one of Elizabeth's funny faces that I enjoy.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Taylor Tuesday

Taylor:  I used this toy when I was a baby and now I show you how to use it.
Elizabeth(thinking): Very interesting, but does it feed me?


Thursday, November 25, 2010


Elizabeth is finally staying awake long enough to do more than eat.  Chris caught this photo of her today(pre-turkey dinner coma) while playing on her jungle mat.  Today we are thankful for this little bundle of joy!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010


When Chris informed me that he was going to grow a mustache, and only a mustache, for the whole month of November I made the worse face possible and quickly told him ‘NO!’  I like to think that I have that much control over my other half.  Didn’t he know that Elizabeth would be born at the beginning of the month and I didn’t want him to have the creeping guy facial hair in all her newborn pictures.  Then he went on to explain why he was growing it and while I’m still not crazy about the facial hair, I completely support what he’s doing.  Here’s his letter explaining Movember and a picture of him with his brother and Dad.(who are also participating)

To All,

For the month of November I have joined up with my family and friends to participate in Movember. We all formed a team Barra Bigote (Mustache Gang), and committed ourselves to growing a mustaches in order to help raise money and awareness for prostate cancer and research (please see attached photo). Cancer has affected almost every person in America in some way, whether it is a family member or close friend. It is imperative that we help raise money and awareness about cancer so that people will have the tools to prevent and fight cancer. It is particularly important for me to raise money and awareness about prostate cancer because:

- Other than skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in American men.

- Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in American men, behind only lung cancer.

- 1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer in his lifetime.

- 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime.*

This is a cause that I feel passionately about and I'm asking you to support my efforts by making a donation to support the great work of the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG.  To help, you can either:

-  Click this link and donate online using your credit card or PayPal account
-  Write a check payable to Movember, referencing my name or Registration Number 698782 and mailing it to: Movember, PO Box 2726, Venice, CA 90294-2726

The money raised will help make a tangible difference to the lives of others, through the world's most promising prostate cancer research and LIVESTRONG's programs that support young adults and their families battling and surviving cancer.

For more details on how the funds raised from previous campaigns have been used and the impact Movember is having please visit


Do you have important men in your life?  Are they aware of prostate cancer and how it can affect them?  If not, maybe you should think about telling them about Movember!  I now LOVE the fact that in Elizabeth’s baby book Chris(and other male family members) are sporting a mustache to raise awareness!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Taylor Tuesday

Since our Christmas tree takes up residence in our under the stair closet 11 months out of the year, this closet was never very exciting to Taylor… until today.  This new world has provided quite a bit of entertainment already.  Guess I will add this to my list of pros for putting the Christmas tree up prior to Thanksgiving.IMG_1598

ps.  This picture makes me think of Taylor going into her own Narnia world.  Just imagine all the make-believe that lies beyond our coats in a toddler world.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Elizabeth is a snuggler and loves to snuggle with Daddy after she has been put into a ‘milk coma’.  You can often find two of my favorite people hanging out together and I love it! 


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sisterly Love

For my entire life I wanted a sister.  I love my brother and wouldn’t be the person I am without him.  But that didn’t stop me from wanting a sister.  I would have loved a little boy, but am thrilled that Taylor(and Elizabeth) is going to get to know what it’s like to have a sister.  The mother in me was worried that there would be jealously early on from Taylor having to adjust to not being the only child anymore, but she ADORES her baby sister.  She was more interested in meeting her baby sister at the hospital than giving Momma a hug and kiss.  While I really wanted that hug and kiss, my heart was warmed by how much Taylor already loved her baby Pickle(Elizabeth).  This love has continued over the past two weeks and I can’t wait to watch it grow over their years together.  I also know that with that love with come ‘loving’ disputes between two sisters.  The only thing planned about these photos is the outfits(matching) and asking Taylor to smile.  She kept kissing Elizabeth because that’s just what she wanted to do and then she finally asked to hold her.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Taylor Tuesday

While there are plenty of times that my sweet toddler tests my patience, she is also quite entertaining.  While cooking dinner, Taylor entertained me by twirling in the kitchen.  Did you know a 2 1/2 year old twirls better with a cheesy popcorned face, a sleeping beauty wand, and her little sisters headband/bow?


Monday, November 15, 2010

One Week Old

Elizabeth is now two weeks old, but I actually took pictures last week but never got around to blogging them.  Can’t figure out why I don’t have time to blog… maybe lack of consistent sleep or could it be the toddler that likes to test my patience??? 

I have to admit that it is amazing how much easier it is in the beginning your second.  Chris and I aren’t trying to figure out how to change a diaper or worry about how to hold Elizabeth.  She moves from one set of arms to another with ease and snuggles in without waking.  She LOVES to snuggle on your chest, especially once she is in her ‘milk coma’.  Every so often she graces us with open eyes just long enough to let us know what she needs.  We are enjoying her sweet sleeping faces and wonder what a newborn dreams about.  What in the world could make a newborn fret in her sleep?  No milk?  Elizabeth’s first week went by pretty fast since half of it was spent at the hospital.  Once home, we enjoyed lazy days around the house of sleeping, eating, and snuggling.  We laugh at the positions that Elizabeth ends up in since she loves to snuggle into a ball.  Chris is enjoying both of his girls!



I could kiss this sweet little face all day!


(I know there are LOTS of pictures, but there is a Nana several hours away already missing our littlest one)

I love the monthly photos of Taylor in her chair, so I started Elizabeth.  She is posing with a teddy bear that I got in college when my best friend passed away.  This bear has been a decoration item in our guest bedroom and I decided that it needed a new home and updated bow.  He will now be E’s faithful monthly picture friend and might become a soft buddy later. 

Taylor is currently in a no bow phase and I’m afraid Elizabeth wasn’t too excited about the headband/bow either.  Someone needs to tell her that this Mama LOVES bows and will keep trying. 


I included these to show off her monkey toes.  Both Taylor and Elizabeth have their PawPaw’s feet!IMG_1518IMG_1519IMG_1525IMG_1527

Just a few pictures of sleepy expressions.  I was so excited to catch these on her.  IMG_1531IMG_1533

Hope you enjoy these Nana!  Your girls miss you!


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