Saturday, August 30, 2008

Labor Day

So do I truly get to celebrate Labor Day even though I never had to endure true labor or contractions or even my water breaking? Taylor was breach, so she came via a scheduled C-section at 39 weeks. The nurse said that I was having braxton hicks or light contractions in pre-op, but I never felt them. Well... here is a look back at my last few weeks before my 'Labor Day'. I can't believe how BIG I was!!! No wonder people looked at me funny when I waddled through the mall or grocery store.

We took this picture a few days after Christmas and I was 23 weeks ago(little over 1/2 way)
and I thought I was pretty big at that time.

This one was taken 4 days before Taylor was born. It's crazy how big I was!
I do have to say that I loved being pregnant and I had a pretty easy pregnancy except for those swollen feet towards the end. Thank god to slippers and flip flops. I wish all the mothers out there a very happy Labor Day!


Kick Off Time

I consider today to be another one of those big milestones in Taylor's first year... it's the first day of the Texas Tech football season. In our house this is a BIG deal! Taylor managed to attend 3 football games last year while in my belly and she will continue to cheer on her Red Raiders this year from home. With Chris and I both being graduates from Tech, our house truly shows the red and black Red Raider spirit. Go Tech! ***I wonder how long it will take for me to teach Taylor the fight song*** Tech is playing Eastern Washington in a non-conference game and was preseason ranked at 8, so I can't wait to see what Harrell and Crabtree have in store for us this year!

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Beach

Chris and I headed down to Corpus Christi last weekend for a mini vacation. It's always nice when there's someone else to make the bed, clean your room, cook the meals, and do the dishes. We also thought it would be fun to introduce Taylor to the beach. We got down there Friday night, but it rained on us almost the entire time so we just relaxed in the hotel room. One of the wonderful things about our hotel is that it is directly on the beach. So after breakfast on Saturday, we walked right out on the beach to put Taylor's feet in the water. It wasn't really foggy, but I didn't realize that going from the A/C of the hotel to the humidity of the beach would fog up the camera lens. It's still a great picture of my two favorite people. Taylor just wasn't sure what to think of the water but was a great trooper for pictures.

I imagine that next year when we come back that Taylor will be toddling up and down the beach, but for now it's just the airplane arms while Chris and I hold her up.

Chris and I had made this same trip about 3 years ago and loved it. We went to the Texas State Aquarium and toured the Lexington. We figured the Lexington would be a little difficult with a baby and Taylor has been fascinated with our fish tank lately, so we attempted the aquarium. Taylor was sound asleep when we got there, so Chris and I went through while she had a good long nap. Just as we were finishing up the indoor exhibits Taylor started to wake up, so we took turns holding her while walking through it again. The last time Chris and I came to the aquarium we went through the whole thing without really talking to anyone else. This time was much different. We talked to three or four different couples who had babies too. It's amazing how much parenthood changes you. There was the cutest little girl that was about one year old and was ready to climb in the tank with the large fish and the shark. I hope Taylor learns to love the creatures of the sea like Chris and I. For those of you who don't know, I am a HUGE shark fan. I love when Shark Week comes on the Discovery Channel and I really hope to see a shark while scuba diving someday!

Taylor and I watching the fish ~ Can you find why Chris thought this porcupine was funny looking?

I don't think Taylor was as interested in the rays as Chris was ~ Looking at the piranhas

She did love these rays! ~ And the tank with clown fish like Nemo
(all the kids would come by and point out Nemo and Dory)

After looking at fish, Taylor viewed dolphins, otters, turtles and Mommy and Daddy touching sting rays from her stroller. She fell asleep on the way out so the picture is just of Chris and I. After the aquarium, we ventured over to Pier 99 for some yummy gumbo and a cold beer. Chris and I discovered this place last time and it is a must on your stops while in Corpus. It is right in front of the Lexington and always has great food.

We spent the rest of the day hanging around the hotel since Chris wasn't feeling well. Taylor managed to figure out how to grab her teething ring and hold it all by herself for longer than 5 seconds. This is a major milestone in playtime. She now focuses on the object you are holding for a few seconds and then both hands come flying in to grab it. Of course the next step would be to place said object straight in mouth. Her poor finger puppets just get slobbered to death now!

I have to brag on Taylor because she even slept through the night when away from home. On Sunday, Chris was feeling better and we decided to stop and visit his grandmother in Victoria on the way back home. Taylor is very lucky to have FOUR great grandmothers. NeNe was the last one to meet and we had a wonderful visit with her.

Come to find out, Taylor takes after her PawPaw more than we thought. NeNe told us that he never crawled on his knees, instead on his hands and feet with his butt in the air. Taylor has been doing what we like to call the 'snowplow.' She scoots herself across the bed or blanket with her head pushed into the blanket and butt up in the air. She will be crawling anyday now, but can't quite get the arms down.

The weekend was great and I can't wait to go back next summer!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Taylor Tuesday

It's that time of the week again for Taylor Tuesday. Here is our cute girl for this lovely Tuesday. It's finally starting to hit home that I'm not going back to work. I miss seeing all the students and teachers! I especially miss hearing about Kellie's adventure's as a teacher. I hope that everyone is having a wonderful first week of school and I can't wait to hear the stories of the first week. Well here is the main reason you come to the blog... to see Taylor. If you notice in the picture, Taylor can now hold onto objects like rattles and teethers. She's been able to hold onto soft items, but she now will take the toys from your hand all on her own! Another wonderful milestone! I have pictures from our weekend at the beach and hope to have them up after Taylor goes to bed tonight.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Taylor Tuesday

Tuesday always seemed like the day of the week that gets forgotten or not as much attention as the other days. There's nothing normally very exciting about Tuesday, but I have created Taylor Tuesday where Taylor makes her way into several family member's inbox to hopefully bring them a smile while they are at work. I couldn't go without sharing a cute picture of Taylor, so you get to enjoy in Taylor Tuesday too!

For my blog followers, you get an additional photo... as I was taking pictures, Taylor deciding to do this thing where she's sucking without the paci. This is one of the things that made us think she was teething. It's just too cute and I love her expression in this photo. She's going to hate me for these when she gets older!

Enjoy! ~ Wendy

Doctor update and glass class

Taylor did great at the doctor yesterday. She is currently weighing 15 lbs 10 oz and is 25 inches long. The doctor doesn't think she's teething yet, but just discovering new body parts, like her tongue. He also suggested waiting another month before starting rice cereal, so you'll have to wait for pictures of her first solids. Taylor spent most of the appointment talking to everyone and then changed her mood with her 4 month old shots. Poor baby girl, but it's a good thing that Nana got her Hello Kitty band aids to make her feel better. Here is a our little girl as she was relaxing after her doctor appointment yesterday.

After taking care of little girl all day, Chris took over Daddy Duty so that I could go to glass class. I am attending glass class on Monday nights for the next 4 weeks. Last night we learned how to cut glass, the different types of glass art, fusing glass, and the tools we need to use. Then we created three similar glass tiles that they will fire three different ways so that we can compare the types of firing. One of the best parts of the class is that we got enough people we know to join so it's our own private class. For those of you who followed the blog pre-Taylor, you know that I love to do different crafts. Stamping will just have to wait for right now while I experiment with glass crafts. Here are some of the pre-fired tiles that we created last night:

And yes the parts that look like granules will melt down to form either a clear or opaque glass.

I don't know what's going on with the picture on the right, but it keeps uploading it sideways. You can still get the picture.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

4 Months

Taylor turned 4 months old this past Thursday and this past month has flown by since she has been a busy little girl. Taylor attended her first Lambert family trip to Rio Bonito, started sleeping in her crib, rolled from front to back, rolled from back to front, went to her first baseball game, went out on the lake a couple more times, had her cousins come stay the weekend, became one of God's blessed children(Baptized), celebrated mommy's birthday, gained lots of weight, and kept mom and dad up all night with a cough for the first time. Her monthly pictures in the chair are getting much easier. Here are some pictures from her past month:

Taylor and Ally * Ally(Gladiator Winner), Jeff(Gladiator Semi-Finalist), and the Lamberts

Taylor's first baseball game * Go Round Rock Express!

Taylor now LOVES tummy time and flips to her tummy anytime she can. Her newest move is to kinda scoot herself across the blanket with her legs. As soon as she gets those arms down I am in trouble. This kid is ready to take off. I even find her sleeping with her butt in the air in her crib!

Father Elmer, who also married us in the church, Chris, Taylor, & I at Taylor's Baptism

Some of the other things that Taylor has been up to lately:
  • constantly drooling, we think she might be beginning to teethe
  • gaining weight... she weighed 15 lbs 5 oz at the dr last week
  • sleeping all through the night.. i know, i was shocked that this one is already here
  • holding onto small soft objects for short periods of time
  • sleeps on her tummy
  • is somewhat of a momma's girl
  • loves to stand up in your lap
  • HATES wet diapers with a passion, but doesn't mind the dirty ones.. go figure
  • looks forward to 4/5 pm when daddy gets home
  • loves to be rocked to sleep
  • talks alot! also talks very loud at times
  • is starting to notice Sadie(our black lab)
We go tomorrow for Taylor's 4 month checkup with the doctor and I am curious to see if he puts our little girl on rice cereal due to her great strides in weight gain. Check back to tomorrow to see our doctor updates and pray for me to have strength to watch Taylor get her next round of shots!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

American Gladiator

Have you ever met an American Gladiator? Well I can say that I know the winner from this season and a contender. Ally Kelly-Davidson is a childhood friend of my sister-in-law and we have been following her and her husband, Jeff, as they competed on the American Gladiator this summer. It all started when Ally's sister kidnapped her the day of her wedding telling her to put on her veil and workout clothes. She took Ally to the tryouts for American Gladiator where she auditioned. The producers loved her story and asked her husband to join for a couples episode. So, Jeff and Ally spent 2 out of the first 3 months of their marriage in LA training and filming American Gladiator. Two weeks ago we watched Ally in the semi-finals at the Alamo Drafthouse and then last night we went back again to watch her win the whole competition. Taylor did wonderful each time, even though it was a little past her bedtime. We figured out quickly the first time that Taylor was not happy unless she could see the screen and cheer Ally on. Jeff made it to the semi-finals with the best men's time, but got hurt during the Eliminator and wasn't able to finish and continue on to the finals. We are so proud of both Ally and Jeff!

Here is a picture of Taylor with the Ally during the semi-final showing.

This is the whole Lambert family with Jeff and Ally after we watched her win the finals!

Taylor was still excited for Ally when we got home

Ally is starting up Camp Gladiator for those of you in the Dallas area. You can also go on her website and read all about her journey during American Gladiator. Once again...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Toy

Taylor has been interacting with her bouncy toys more and more and trying to stand up while we hold her that we thought she needed a new toy. Not just any toy, but the toy of all toys at her age... an exersaucer! We've been looking at them each time we went to Target or Walmart, but finally made a trip to Babies R Us were they have every kind of jumper/exersaucer that you can think of. After some debating we got the one with LOTS of toys on it. I think Chris and I had more fun last night checking out all the different stuff on it than Taylor did. Check out Taylor in her new toy.

Here's Chris putting it together & Taylor trying to figure out what this new thing is.

Chris was helping Taylor figure it all out & her funny look

Hand in mouth.

Still trying to figure it out, but she leaned back in the seat to take it all in.
I think she's going to like it!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Friday

Taylor says thank goodness it's Friday because she is in dire need of a weekend off. We hope everyone has a great Friday and wonderful weekend!

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