Thursday, September 30, 2010

Taylor Tuesday

I remembered to send out my email yesterday, but didn’t get the post done.  I might need to set up a reminder for blogging about Taylor Tuesday too as I am only working on a few remaining brain cells towards the end of this pregnancy.

I forget how much the grandparents look forward to Taylor Tuesday until I get a call from my Mom asking me if I was okay and why didn't she get a Taylor Tuesday.  Yes I'm feeling okay, but I completely lost track of what day it was yesterday.  Plus Taylor and I enjoyed some great time outside in this beautiful weather instead of sitting behind a computer.  I know this is late, but enjoy your Taylor Tuesday/almost Thursday!
This picture is what you get when you ask Taylor to say cheese.


Project Life Thursday

I totally slacked last week and didn’t take pictures on two different days.  Monday and Wednesday should have a picture of my to-do list since I spend those days doing everything I can while Taylor is at preschool.  It is amazing what you can fit into a 4 hour span and sometimes I barely have time to eat lunch.  Crazy!  So here are the other days of the week and what we were up to.

Sunday: I finally got brave and cut the fabric for Elizabeth’s curtains.  Then Chris distracted Taylor all day so that I could get them sewed.  The curtains for the window are blackout and then we replaced the folding doors on the closet with a simple curtain.  I used the same fabric for both so that it added some soft color to the room.


Monday: No picture

Tuesday: Taylor and I love watching the Tinkerbelle movies and were so excited that the new movie came out today.  Somehow Taylor convinced me that we needed a Tinkerbelle doll too!


Wednesday: No picture

Thursday: Everytime we go to a store, Taylor asks to drive the ‘bus’(aka the HUGE carts with a car attached to the front) but they only have the certain ones she likes at Randall’s.  I don’t shop there very often but just need a few things on this day and Target didn’t have everything we needed.  Taylor was in heaven driving the ‘bus’ and even stays buckled up since we stay buckled up in the car. 


Friday: Why I thought it was a great idea to paint pictures for Elizabeth’s nursery at 8 1/2 months pregnant still gets me, but I spent the majority of naptime and after bedtime today finishing up these paintings.


Saturday: This afternoon I was ‘showered’ by some of my dear friends to help get ready for Elizabeth.  I just love girly stuff like this!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Project Life Thursday

I never got last week’s PL pictures so you get two weeks worth at once! 

Sunday: Taylor loved being able to walk out Nana’s backdoor and swim in the pool.  She also enjoyed looking at the pool while eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Monday: After dinner, Nana gave Taylor a popsicle.  She was so excited to go look at her mouth in the mirror after she got done eating it.


Tuesday: This was my view most of the day on the way back from Fort Worth.  What you can’t tell is that it is pouring rain as part of the beginning of Hurricane Hermine.


Wednesday: First day of preschool for Taylor.


Thursday: no picture

Friday: My nesting is in overdrive and I finally went through a tub of clothes from when Taylor was a baby.  Taylor kept me entertained by dancing and trying on several articles of clothing.


Saturday: Chris and I had a date night with several of my playdate friends and their spouses.  I even took my camera with me to get a picture for PL and then didn’t take one.  So this photo is actually from the Oasis(where we ate) website.


Sunday: We celebrated Terrie and Kellie’s birthday at Dave & Busters today.  Taylor couldn’t wait to finish our lunch and go drive the cars.


Monday: Chris and I got to practice signing our name over and over when we refinanced our house. 


Tuesday: We raised over $50,000 for the Texas Construction Association PAC fundraiser.


Wednesday: We made an impromptu stop at the park to play for a few minutes.


Thursday: I have a picture for this day, but it is one Chris caught of me be is not something I want all over the internet.  This pregnant woman does not photograph well at the end of the day!

Friday: After a dinner with friends, our plans to take Taylor to her first high school football game were rained out.  So we opted for hanging around the house, watching Wall-E, and playing dress up.


Saturday: Texas Tech was playing UT in Lubbock, so we geared up for the big game.  Taylor practiced saying ‘Go Texas Tech’ all day long.  It was great watching the game with friends, but not a great ending to the game. :(


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Taylor Tuesday

It was the funniest sight to see Taylor walking around our church Fall Festival Saturday with her new magnifying glass.  Luckily, Aunt KK made sure she knew what it was for, hence the short blonde girl walking around looking at the ground the entire time.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Taylor Tuesday

Over the weekend I went through some of Taylor’s old clothes to see what would work for Elizabeth.  Taylor decided that some of them still worked for her.  Keep in mind that I didn’t make it beyond 6 month size clothes.  This picture would be is more of a ‘what doesn’t belong’ plus some accessories from my jewelry box. 


Monday, September 13, 2010

Mad Hatter Invitations

A few months ago I received a text from my friend asking me if I could recreate this for her:


She planned on having a Mad Hatter Tea Party for her 35th birthday party and these were what she wanted.  I LOVE a crafting challenge when it comes to cards and invitations.  I couldn’t wait to get some felt and flowers and start creating.  After a few trials and LOTS of glitter I had a finished product.  Taylor even told me a few times she was making her own ‘initations’.  M’s loves pink and green so I tried to keep those colors the primary focus and then match the flowers to the envelope liner. 

IMG_0717  IMG_0709 IMG_0708     IMG_0715 IMG_0716

The hat was made using a stiff glitter felt and then I used various sizes/colors of flowers.  Since she lives in another city, I made the hat part and then she’ll print the ‘card’ with party information closer to the event.  The final product is a 5x7 size so that it fits in a standard 5x7 envelope and won’t have extra postage charges either.  I couldn’t find polka dot paper I liked, but the stripe paper fit the color scheme perfect and the even better part was that I already had it so it was FREE!  I had so much fun creating these and can’t wait until Taylor gets older and I get to make party invitations like this.  This even has me thinking of fun themes for her 3rd birthday and we have over 6 months to go.  Crazy! I can’t wait to see pictures of the rest of her party and decorations!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Project Life Thursday

Look at that… I’m actually on time with my post this week and even had my pictures done.  Now I realize that I have months worth of photos to print, journaling on cards to do, and to put everything in my book.  Guess I’ll just add that onto my list of things to do now that Taylor will be in preschool two days a week. 

Sunday: While we were helping around Chris’ aunt’s house, Taylor entertained everyone with her funny faces that Aunt KK taught her.


Monday: I finished up the final touches on Misty’s Mad Hatter birthday invitations today.


Tuesday: Just another day in the Lambert household.  I went to leave the house(for some rushed errands) and the garage door when down, then came back up crooked.  I didn’t have time to stop and figure out what happened, so poor Chris got a phone call informing him of what he would find upon arriving home. 


Wednesday: Today we took Taylor for preschool orientation.  She was so excited to meet her teacher and see her new classroom!  One more week until she actually starts school.


Thursday: I needed to go pick up something at the mall and Taylor kept insisting that she go play on the rides.  I’ve never let her do this before but she was really good while I went in all the stores so I let her play.  I even got quarters for the first one and she then informed me it was too loud and to turn it off.  Even better that she just wanted to play on the rides without it costing anything!


Friday: Taylor and I headed to Fort Worth to spend the Labor Day weekend.  We went out to eat with my Mom and Grandmother for a belated birthday dinner and they had a band playing out on the patio.  Taylor begged to go dance and I am one Momma who cannot deny her daughter a chance to dance.  Everyone on the patio enjoyed her entertaining them with her dancing.  How easy it is to make this girl happy!


Saturday: Taylor was in heaven today since she got to spend time with her cousins, Johanna and Kailee.  She loved running around with them and doing whatever they were doing.  Their giggles filled my Mom’s usually quiet house and they had everything from dress up shoes, Barbies, tools, and hair accessories pulled out.  Not too long before we’ll have another girl to add to the giggles!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of Preschool

Today was Taylor’s first day of preschool at our church.  We had a trial day last week where we got to meet the teacher and take a tour of the preschool.  Chris even went with us.

   IMG_8758  IMG_8760

We even made sure to read this book last night in anticipation of today


I can’t believe that our little girl is even old enough to start preschool!  I knew she would do great, I just wondered how hard it would be for me.  Today started off a bit crazy since Hermine decided to dump 12-15 inches of rain on us last night and preschool was delayed by two hours.  I didn’t count on this and had a doctor’s appointment schedule for after Taylor was supposed to be at school.  After we had a meltdown about what Taylor was going to wear today(she and I had different ideas and Mommy’s choice prevailed), things got better.  Taylor even enjoyed a few minutes of playing in the rain with her kitty umbrella.  This girl takes advantage of any rain to pull her umbrella out.

IMG_0721Then off to school it was.  Since it was raining outside, we took pictures in front of Taylor’s favorite mural at the preschool.  She loves pointing out the different things painted and wanted to stand in front of the kitty. 

   IMG_8836 IMG_8837   

Taylor informed me that I can come in her classroom and play with all the toys too.  She was so excited to put her backpack and lunch box away.  Then it was off to playing.  This was the only other picture I was able to get since she was so busy playing.  Her beloved bunny even got left in her backpack the entire time!  When I went to pick her up the teachers said she was a delight and she is already asking to go back.  She also informed that she was thankful that I can back for her.(like I wouldn’t and I promise I haven’t forgotten her somewhere!)  I guess she remembered the Llama Llama book more than I thought!


I hope everyone in the Austin area stayed safe and dry today! 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Taylor Tuesday

This is a very late Taylor Tuesday, but still getting out to you on Tuesday.  Taylor Tuesday is normally a picture of just Taylor, but this picture does a great job of summing up Taylor lately.  She loves the idea of her cousins and couldn't wait to see them this past weekend.  She was in heaven spending time with them and keeps telling me all about her favorite cousins.  I love watching her light up when they are around!


Project Life

I’m just a few days late with this, but in order to keep myself in check, I didn’t want to wait until Thursday. 

Sunday: Today was a day of working in Elizabeth’s room.  Chris built the crib, bookcase, and dresser, hung the blinds, hung the curtain rod on the windows, and took the doors off the closet.  I sewed not one, but two crib skirts(the first one was the wrong color) and put the bedding on the crib.  Now it’s my turn to get busy with the rest of the sewing for Elizabeth’s room.


Monday: This is what the living room looks like after a playdate.  This is also the sign of a fun morning for Taylor.


Tuesday: After Daddy’s softball game, Taylor just had to run the bases with him.  We just might have a future softball player!


Wednesday: Daddy had a great hiding spot for hide-and-seek with Taylor.


Thursday: Since the sewing machine was out from working on stuff for Elizabeth’s room, I finally finished up some pillowcases for Taylor that had been on my to-do list for some time.  Taylor was so excited that she insisted I put it on the couch pillow so she could try it out right away.


Friday: No picture

Saturday: Taylor was having fun playing in her big girl bed in the hotel room.  She is pretending to sleep here.



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