Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lizzie 0, Concrete 1

It was bound to happen.  Sooner or later there is some kind of first big fall where you realize that the war-wounds will hang around for a few days and make for interesting photos.  (see example of Taylor vs plant pot at 18 months old)


Lizzie and the sidewalk went head to head and I think the concrete might have won this time.  There was some blood, a few tears, some Bubble Guppies while Mommy cleaned her up, and a few minutes of snuggle time while the freezie pack was held to her head.  Then back outside to play again.  By the end of the night she looked like this…


And two days later this…

IMG_1867 IMG_1876

She is more annoyed that she has to sit still long enough for me to put Neosporin on it than she is bothered by it.  I love you kid and the way you always stand back up, dust your hands off, and keep on going.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Taylor Tuesday

We are loving this sunshine lately and a chance to play outside.  Nothing is better than the wind in your hair as you go down the slide!


Thursday, February 23, 2012


Elizabeth has been working on her skills since my post in December.  She has also improved on her dress up skills.

Learned well young one, you have.  Hmmmmmm. ~ Yoda


ps.  I have also had to do some work on my Yoda quoting skills for our young Jedi.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Taylor Tuesday

I love having two girls because it means that at any time you can find one of them dressed up like a fairy princess.  Now to convince one of them to become my fairy godmother and turn the pets into housekeepers!


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sister Saturday

While I catch the girls in many cute moments, rarely do I get the camera in time to catch them in pictures.  Elizabeth loves to put on jackets and Taylor was sweet to help her with the ‘too big’ jacket.  Taylor was so patient with Elizabeth and for once Elizabeth sat still for quite some time.  They were so busy with what they were doing that they never noticed me taking pictures.  I love sweet moments like this and cherish having two little girls!


Thursday, February 16, 2012


A little late but keep on eye on the blog tomorrow for a weekend bonus!

Lizzie constantly makes me laugh with her funny little ways so I was pretty amused to see her create her own seat during the Super Bowl halftime show.  What you don't see in the picture is Taylor and the daughter of one of our friend's dancing to Madonna right in front of Lizzie. 


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day

The Valentines were made and ready for preschool, girls in matching outfits, both actually wanted to wear some sort of bow/headband.  Too bad Lizzie wanted nothing to do with taking a picture with Taylor.  IMG_1731 IMG_1738

But Taylor gave me several adorable poses.  I am so thankful she wants to pose for the camera again!

IMG_1746 IMG_1747

After preschool, the girls and I headed to pick up a few surprises for Chris.  Can you find the Lizzie?


A dozen balloons with love notes on each made for a fun afternoon of playing in the kitchen.  I’m not sure who enjoyed the balloons more, Chris or Elizabeth.  Plus Elizabeth didn’t want to take her new tutu from YaYa off. 

IMG_1759 IMG_1760IMG_1762 IMG_1764

And while our attempt at dinner out at our favorite local Thai place didn’t go to well with a teething/ear infection baby, the company was the best and I didn’t have to cook!  Plus there were Amy’s chocolate covered strawberries for dessert!

I hope you got some sweet treats and sweet wishes!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Taylor Tuesday

A late post, but a busy day with my two little Valentine's.  Taylor had a blast wishing everyone a 'Happy Valentine's Day' today.  Here is her wish to you!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Pink Boots

Shoes are hit or miss with Elizabeth and my goal right now is just to find a pair that she won’t constantly take off.  Nothing better than running late and when you go to get her out of the carseat you find her without shoes or socks and they have been flung to the back of the car.  A few months ago I found these cute pink Ugg-like boots that Elizabeth held onto until we paid for them.  She loves these boots and is constantly bringing them to us so that we can put them on her.  She even says ‘boos’ when we mention shoes.  Too bad everytime I try to have her wear them out of the house they are off as soon as she is in the carseat.  I know that cute shoes can be worth a little pain when I’m wearing them, but no one told me I would have to deal with pains from my girls’ shoes too :)

IMG_1584 IMG_1586IMG_1590

Thursday, February 9, 2012


A day late, but the girls are I have been busy enjoying some time with Nana instead of computer time. 

Lizzie found another way to get around the house.  It was even funnier when she tried to grab his necklace as the reigns.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

15 months

Lizzie-bear you are 15 months old and the perfect spunky lovebug that our family needed. 


Size 3 diapers, about 22 lbs, wears mainly 12 month clothes but can still fit in a few 9 month old or 6-12 month clothes. 

You give random run by hugs if I’m sitting on the floor or you dive head first into my lap for a snuggle.(LOVE this!)

IMG_7937 IMG_7941

You love looking at books with pictures of our friends and family.

Chairs are objects for you in stand in and stress me out.  You discovered standing on Taylor’s stools and countertops are no longer safe from your reach.

IMG_1679 IMG_1551

You went from no teeth at 11 months old to 10 teeth at 15 months old and you love to test those teeth out on everything from apples to cookies to mommy’s fingers.  You can eat and eat and eat and generally try a variety of food.

You love to scream and love to especially do it while I’m trying to cook dinner.


You went from crawling to running and haven’t stopped.  You started walking just days after your first birthday and are the funniest little thing when on a mission.  You remind me of the little penguins that get running so fast that their wings kinda fall behind them.  You run with your arms down at your side and kinda behind you.  Funny girl but really cute at the same time!


Words you say that maybe only I understand: Dada, Momma(you’ve said it but I rarely hear it), Tay-er, na-na(pacifier), nigh-nigh(night-night, naptime/bedtime), uice(juice/water), cccc(cookie), gooo(goldfish), nana(banana), Ya-Ya, Pawpaw, Nana, am-e(Lambie), adie(Sadie dog), essa(Tessa cat), bow, cheese, boos(your pink boots)

You use the sign for milk, but say uice for all other drinks besides milk.


You are fearless and strong willed.  It might challenge me as a mother right now, but I hope you attempt everything you want to and stand up for what you believe in(just later in life).

IMG_8891 IMG_1328

You have started requesting bows in your hair, decide you are done wearing it for a little bit, and then request it again.  This makes me so happy to see a sweet clip or bow in the little bit of hair you have.  No matter what you wear in the front, there is a small curl that tends to appear in the back of your hair.  Not sure where this comes from(the only wave in my hair came after hormones from two pregnancies) but it is the sweetest little curl.


You love purses or bags of any kind.  No bag is too big for you to try and carry on your arm.  You are also starting to show signs of wanting to dress up like Taylor and squeal with glee once you are dressed up. 

IMG_8039 IMG_1429

You can destroy a room like a F5 tornado, but give yourself away when you squeal or giggle.  I should know better than to think you are playing quietly rather than quietly destroying.


We love you so much lil’ bit!!! 

Taylor Tuesday

Happiness is meeting Chuckee Cheese and then getting to 'drive' him around.  Several times I was informed that we must not miss the party because we might miss a chance to meet the mouse!


Thursday, February 2, 2012


Hey PawPaw, I found your next electrician and she will work for snacks.



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