Friday, December 21, 2007

Pregnancy Fun

Yes that's right, I'm back after a very long break from blogging. It seems like life has barely stopped for us lately and I've barely even had time to stamp. Isn't that sad??? I'm not sure if you can see the posting time on this, but it's almost 4 am and yes that's right I'm wide awake. So far I am loving this pregnancy, but each day brings something new. About 2 weeks ago the baby started moving enough so that I could feel it and now there are times I feel her quite a bit. It still feels a bit like your stomach fluttering, but everyone warns me that it will become much stronger soon enough. I woke up about an hour ago with like hot flashes and the books say this is due to all the hormones and it probably doesn't help that I surround myself with pillows at night to make sleeping more comfortable. Don't get me wrong, I am LOVING being pregnant! The sleepness nights and other 'fun' parts of pregnancy are 110% worth it to me.

Quick pregnancy catch-up: I am now 5 1/2 months along and we found out earlier this month that it's a little girl. Here's her picture. You can see that she's sucking her thumb in this picture. She kept her hands around her face during most of the ultrasound. Well, our little lamb seems to finally have calmed down so I'm gonna go try and go back to sleep. I hope everyone out there has a very Merry Christmas!


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