Thursday, October 21, 2010

Project Life Thursday

Sunday: Nothing sweeter than watching Taylor and ‘her’ Tessa cat loving on each other.


Monday: 37 weeks along with Elizabeth


Tuesday: Taylor has taken a HUGE interest in using the camera.  This is a pretty good shot she got once she understood holding the button down long enough.


Wednesday: Sometimes getting Taylor to keep clothes is not worth the battle right now.


Thursday: Elizabeth’s E(and the final decoration for her room) came in so it was time to break the spray paint out again.


Friday: Our playdate group met at the Tarrytown Methodist Church pumpkin patch.  It was so much fun watching all the kids run around amongst the pumpkins, but trying to get a group shot was near impossible.  I can’t believe our group has grown to 8 and one on the way!  We went to dinner afterwards and needed more highchairs than adult chairs and we loved every minute of it!


Saturday: Our family managed to fit 10 adults and a toddler around three small tables at Mandola’s Saturday night.  The table was filled with wonderful food, the restaurant was busy with people, and each of us filled with the love of being able to spend time together.


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