Thursday, October 14, 2010

Project Life Thursday

 Sunday: Today was the first time in the past few weeks that getting dressed did not turn into a full out throw down between Taylor and I.  Plus she looked so pretty for church and is starting to look like such a big girl!


Monday: I woke up this morning and realized the lamb that Taylor brought Chris yesterday was still in the bed with us.  I think Chris enjoyed having something of hers close after being gone to a church retreat all weekend.


Tuesday:  Taylor entertained Chris, Desha, and I at dinner.  I really think it was all for Desha!


Wednesday:  I went for my 36 week ultrasound to see if Elizabeth is breech like Taylor was and she is not.  Chris and I laughed as she kept her foot up in her face the entire time.  It was so nice to get one last chance to see her sweet face and check on her health before her big Birth Day in a few weeks.  My c-section has been scheduled for November 1st at 3:00pm(39 weeks along).


Thursday: Taylor has now learned to use caring for Baby Emma as a stalling technique at naptime and bedtime.  Today she informed me that she needed to change Emma’s sheets because she had an accident.  Wonder where she gets that from?


Friday: This picture explains our morning perfectly.  Heather came over with her girls and they all had so much fun playing together.  Taylor and Marie are finally at a point where they interact a lot while playing and Emma just wants to do whatever the big girls are doing.  This time next year it will be Elizabeth following Emma around everywhere. 


Saturday: For a girl who barely had any hair for the first year of her life, she is finally catching up.  She looks so cute with her pigtails and we even have bows for them.  Ya-Ya caught this picture with her phone right before Taylor spent the morning with her while Chris and I toured the hospital.


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