Thursday, October 7, 2010

Project Life Thursday

I am actually on top of my photos this week and even made sure that I was taking photos each day.  Now if I can remember to take a profile picture of myself for memories of how BIG I am right now we will be doing even better!

Sunday: Jeff, Shelly, and Kellie threw us a diaper shower for Elizabeth.  It was so nice to see friends and family and they made us an adorable diaper cake.  We were blessed with many diapers for Elizabeth and it won’t be long before we will be using them!


Monday: After a weekend of showers, I headed to my craft room to stamp some thank you notes.  Taylor loves any opportunity to spend time in there and has really become a pleasure to have with me while crafting. 


Tuesday:  The thank you note writing continued into today and I was able to get them all done! 


Wednesday: Taylor had a teddy bear picnic at preschool today and her teacher was kind enough to send us a picture of their lunch.  Taylor’s ‘teddy bear’ was bunny since we still don’t go anywhere without him. 


Thursday:  The weather has been absolutely beautiful this week and we’ve even been on a few walks.  Taylor surprised me today when she wanted to sit in the ‘big girl’ swing for a change.  She doesn’t want to be pushed but just sit there.  I was able to grab some great photos of her and the more I look at them, the more she is starting to look like me at her age. 


Friday: I was craving cupcakes so Taylor and I made cupcakes this morning.  As soon as I pulled the box out of the pantry she was pulling a chair into the kitchen so that she could help me.  She loves to help out while cooking in any way she can! 


Saturday:  Taylor loved eating one of the cupcakes we made yesterday and was showing me her chocolate tongue!


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