Tuesday, October 12, 2010

36 weeks!

I can’t believe that our little Elizabeth is going to be here soon!  At this point I feel like a hippo and am ready to meet our little girl.  On Wednesday, I had an ultrasound and we got to see Elizabeth again.  As typical of the rest of her ultrasounds, she had her feet up around her face and never gave us the greatest view of her face.  I love that she is already developing a personality and can’t wait to see it in action.(outside of her kicking my ribs)  Unlike Taylor, Elizabeth is not breach but we went ahead and scheduled a c-section for November 1st.  That means we are 3 weeks away from her being here, if she waits until them to come.  The nursery is almost ready(pictures below), I am starting to wash blankets and clothes for her, and I am working on putting together a bag for the hospital.  Scary!  I am nesting like crazy, but run out of energy(or time) to complete all my projects and am constantly making to-do lists for Chris to finish.  I am also picking the brains of all my fellow mom’s of what they did when they had their second child or what they would do different.  Is there something you wish you had known prior to having number 2?  It is nice knowing that I won’t feel like a rookie mom so much when Elizabeth is born, but I’m sure she make me look like one a few times just to remind me who’s in charge. 

Here are some pictures of the ultrasound(mainly for my Mom).  The top two are the same picture, but I labeled the right one so you can kinda see what you are looking at.  It is a 3-D picture taken if you were looking right at her face.  I had no clue what I was looking at on the screen and just smiled and nodded at the nurse.  Good thing they give you a printout to study later and have your husband explain to you so you don’t look like a dork.  The bottom picture is a side profile of Elizabeth and she was actually sucking her bottom lip during this picture. 

 IMG_1088 IMG_1079


And a chance to see how big I look with this cutie at 36 weeks and then on the right is me at same point with Taylor.  I am realizing the black shirt doesn’t make me look as huge and maybe the blue shirt was a bad clothing choice when majorly preggo.

IMG_1097 100_2477

Now for a tour of the room.  When you walk in door this is what you see.  Plus I added close up views of the paintings that I did for her walls.  Keep in mind that I’m a stamper and like to color in images that are already drawn, so I blew up images of some of Taylor’s animal magnets and traced them. 

IMG_0920 IMG_0923IMG_0924

A close up view of some of the items on Elizabeth’s bookcase.  The framed initial was a wonderful gift from Heather at my baby shower.  I also kept the glass baby bottle with pink flowers as a decoration item for her bookcase too.  The teddy bear was given to me when my best friend passed away in college and added a sweet memory to the room.


Now turn to your left and you see the dresser and changing pad where many a moment will be spent changing a diaper or dressing a sweet girl.  I loved the E initial from Heather so much, that we have ordered a similar style wooden E to hang over the dresser.(Just one of the final touches that we are waiting on)  Turn to your left again and you will find the crib that will soon be the sweet sleeping place for Elizabeth.  The crib is getting ready to snuggle it’s fourth little girl.  It belonged to my brother’s two girls prior to making it’s way to our house.  I love that all the cousins are able to share something like this!  If you were to look in E’s room right now, you would find that the command adhesive hooks decided they didn’t want to hold the quilt anymore and so the quilt is waiting for Chris to hang a bit more permanently. 


One final turn to the left will have you looking at E’s closet and the chair that will be used to rock and comfort a little one to sleep, through illness, teething, and that crying you just can’t figure out.  Plus you will see a big sister that loves to help out in E’s room any chance she can get and moves stuff around to where she thinks it should belong. 


Hope you enjoyed our tour!

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Bellawhoop said...

Wendy, the room is absolutely beautiful! I love all of the bright colors and sweet details, like that darling sign over the closet, the sweet bottle vase, and the cute little quilt over the crib! Now all you need is sweet E! :)


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