Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Project Life

I’m just a few days late with this, but in order to keep myself in check, I didn’t want to wait until Thursday. 

Sunday: Today was a day of working in Elizabeth’s room.  Chris built the crib, bookcase, and dresser, hung the blinds, hung the curtain rod on the windows, and took the doors off the closet.  I sewed not one, but two crib skirts(the first one was the wrong color) and put the bedding on the crib.  Now it’s my turn to get busy with the rest of the sewing for Elizabeth’s room.


Monday: This is what the living room looks like after a playdate.  This is also the sign of a fun morning for Taylor.


Tuesday: After Daddy’s softball game, Taylor just had to run the bases with him.  We just might have a future softball player!


Wednesday: Daddy had a great hiding spot for hide-and-seek with Taylor.


Thursday: Since the sewing machine was out from working on stuff for Elizabeth’s room, I finally finished up some pillowcases for Taylor that had been on my to-do list for some time.  Taylor was so excited that she insisted I put it on the couch pillow so she could try it out right away.


Friday: No picture

Saturday: Taylor was having fun playing in her big girl bed in the hotel room.  She is pretending to sleep here.


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