Thursday, September 23, 2010

Project Life Thursday

I never got last week’s PL pictures so you get two weeks worth at once! 

Sunday: Taylor loved being able to walk out Nana’s backdoor and swim in the pool.  She also enjoyed looking at the pool while eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Monday: After dinner, Nana gave Taylor a popsicle.  She was so excited to go look at her mouth in the mirror after she got done eating it.


Tuesday: This was my view most of the day on the way back from Fort Worth.  What you can’t tell is that it is pouring rain as part of the beginning of Hurricane Hermine.


Wednesday: First day of preschool for Taylor.


Thursday: no picture

Friday: My nesting is in overdrive and I finally went through a tub of clothes from when Taylor was a baby.  Taylor kept me entertained by dancing and trying on several articles of clothing.


Saturday: Chris and I had a date night with several of my playdate friends and their spouses.  I even took my camera with me to get a picture for PL and then didn’t take one.  So this photo is actually from the Oasis(where we ate) website.


Sunday: We celebrated Terrie and Kellie’s birthday at Dave & Busters today.  Taylor couldn’t wait to finish our lunch and go drive the cars.


Monday: Chris and I got to practice signing our name over and over when we refinanced our house. 


Tuesday: We raised over $50,000 for the Texas Construction Association PAC fundraiser.


Wednesday: We made an impromptu stop at the park to play for a few minutes.


Thursday: I have a picture for this day, but it is one Chris caught of me be is not something I want all over the internet.  This pregnant woman does not photograph well at the end of the day!

Friday: After a dinner with friends, our plans to take Taylor to her first high school football game were rained out.  So we opted for hanging around the house, watching Wall-E, and playing dress up.


Saturday: Texas Tech was playing UT in Lubbock, so we geared up for the big game.  Taylor practiced saying ‘Go Texas Tech’ all day long.  It was great watching the game with friends, but not a great ending to the game. :(


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