Monday, September 13, 2010

Mad Hatter Invitations

A few months ago I received a text from my friend asking me if I could recreate this for her:


She planned on having a Mad Hatter Tea Party for her 35th birthday party and these were what she wanted.  I LOVE a crafting challenge when it comes to cards and invitations.  I couldn’t wait to get some felt and flowers and start creating.  After a few trials and LOTS of glitter I had a finished product.  Taylor even told me a few times she was making her own ‘initations’.  M’s loves pink and green so I tried to keep those colors the primary focus and then match the flowers to the envelope liner. 

IMG_0717  IMG_0709 IMG_0708     IMG_0715 IMG_0716

The hat was made using a stiff glitter felt and then I used various sizes/colors of flowers.  Since she lives in another city, I made the hat part and then she’ll print the ‘card’ with party information closer to the event.  The final product is a 5x7 size so that it fits in a standard 5x7 envelope and won’t have extra postage charges either.  I couldn’t find polka dot paper I liked, but the stripe paper fit the color scheme perfect and the even better part was that I already had it so it was FREE!  I had so much fun creating these and can’t wait until Taylor gets older and I get to make party invitations like this.  This even has me thinking of fun themes for her 3rd birthday and we have over 6 months to go.  Crazy! I can’t wait to see pictures of the rest of her party and decorations!


Ellafuntastic said...

Hi I was looking online and found these mad hatter invites, sooooo cute I wanted to know if you are on etsy or if I could purchase from you for my daughters 1st birthday, please let me know, they are adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

I also was looking at these and wanted to know if you were selling these to purchase for my daughter's 15th bday.
Email is
Thank you


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