Thursday, September 30, 2010

Project Life Thursday

I totally slacked last week and didn’t take pictures on two different days.  Monday and Wednesday should have a picture of my to-do list since I spend those days doing everything I can while Taylor is at preschool.  It is amazing what you can fit into a 4 hour span and sometimes I barely have time to eat lunch.  Crazy!  So here are the other days of the week and what we were up to.

Sunday: I finally got brave and cut the fabric for Elizabeth’s curtains.  Then Chris distracted Taylor all day so that I could get them sewed.  The curtains for the window are blackout and then we replaced the folding doors on the closet with a simple curtain.  I used the same fabric for both so that it added some soft color to the room.


Monday: No picture

Tuesday: Taylor and I love watching the Tinkerbelle movies and were so excited that the new movie came out today.  Somehow Taylor convinced me that we needed a Tinkerbelle doll too!


Wednesday: No picture

Thursday: Everytime we go to a store, Taylor asks to drive the ‘bus’(aka the HUGE carts with a car attached to the front) but they only have the certain ones she likes at Randall’s.  I don’t shop there very often but just need a few things on this day and Target didn’t have everything we needed.  Taylor was in heaven driving the ‘bus’ and even stays buckled up since we stay buckled up in the car. 


Friday: Why I thought it was a great idea to paint pictures for Elizabeth’s nursery at 8 1/2 months pregnant still gets me, but I spent the majority of naptime and after bedtime today finishing up these paintings.


Saturday: This afternoon I was ‘showered’ by some of my dear friends to help get ready for Elizabeth.  I just love girly stuff like this!


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Bellawhoop said...

LOVE the pictures you painted. They're adorable! I also love the curtains. You're becoming quite the Martha these days! Love you!


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