Thursday, September 9, 2010

Project Life Thursday

Look at that… I’m actually on time with my post this week and even had my pictures done.  Now I realize that I have months worth of photos to print, journaling on cards to do, and to put everything in my book.  Guess I’ll just add that onto my list of things to do now that Taylor will be in preschool two days a week. 

Sunday: While we were helping around Chris’ aunt’s house, Taylor entertained everyone with her funny faces that Aunt KK taught her.


Monday: I finished up the final touches on Misty’s Mad Hatter birthday invitations today.


Tuesday: Just another day in the Lambert household.  I went to leave the house(for some rushed errands) and the garage door when down, then came back up crooked.  I didn’t have time to stop and figure out what happened, so poor Chris got a phone call informing him of what he would find upon arriving home. 


Wednesday: Today we took Taylor for preschool orientation.  She was so excited to meet her teacher and see her new classroom!  One more week until she actually starts school.


Thursday: I needed to go pick up something at the mall and Taylor kept insisting that she go play on the rides.  I’ve never let her do this before but she was really good while I went in all the stores so I let her play.  I even got quarters for the first one and she then informed me it was too loud and to turn it off.  Even better that she just wanted to play on the rides without it costing anything!


Friday: Taylor and I headed to Fort Worth to spend the Labor Day weekend.  We went out to eat with my Mom and Grandmother for a belated birthday dinner and they had a band playing out on the patio.  Taylor begged to go dance and I am one Momma who cannot deny her daughter a chance to dance.  Everyone on the patio enjoyed her entertaining them with her dancing.  How easy it is to make this girl happy!


Saturday: Taylor was in heaven today since she got to spend time with her cousins, Johanna and Kailee.  She loved running around with them and doing whatever they were doing.  Their giggles filled my Mom’s usually quiet house and they had everything from dress up shoes, Barbies, tools, and hair accessories pulled out.  Not too long before we’ll have another girl to add to the giggles!


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