Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of Preschool

Today was Taylor’s first day of preschool at our church.  We had a trial day last week where we got to meet the teacher and take a tour of the preschool.  Chris even went with us.

   IMG_8758  IMG_8760

We even made sure to read this book last night in anticipation of today


I can’t believe that our little girl is even old enough to start preschool!  I knew she would do great, I just wondered how hard it would be for me.  Today started off a bit crazy since Hermine decided to dump 12-15 inches of rain on us last night and preschool was delayed by two hours.  I didn’t count on this and had a doctor’s appointment schedule for after Taylor was supposed to be at school.  After we had a meltdown about what Taylor was going to wear today(she and I had different ideas and Mommy’s choice prevailed), things got better.  Taylor even enjoyed a few minutes of playing in the rain with her kitty umbrella.  This girl takes advantage of any rain to pull her umbrella out.

IMG_0721Then off to school it was.  Since it was raining outside, we took pictures in front of Taylor’s favorite mural at the preschool.  She loves pointing out the different things painted and wanted to stand in front of the kitty. 

   IMG_8836 IMG_8837   

Taylor informed me that I can come in her classroom and play with all the toys too.  She was so excited to put her backpack and lunch box away.  Then it was off to playing.  This was the only other picture I was able to get since she was so busy playing.  Her beloved bunny even got left in her backpack the entire time!  When I went to pick her up the teachers said she was a delight and she is already asking to go back.  She also informed that she was thankful that I can back for her.(like I wouldn’t and I promise I haven’t forgotten her somewhere!)  I guess she remembered the Llama Llama book more than I thought!


I hope everyone in the Austin area stayed safe and dry today! 


MySanSouci said...

Congrats, Taylor on your first day of school! Way to go!

Jenn said...

So happy for you both that preschool went so smoothly! You will appreciate that time so much when Elizabeth arrives!!

Lareina said...

Loved hearing that the day went well...minus all the rain issues of course-what a mess! Get ready for some funny stories about what went on during her day.


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