Friday, August 13, 2010

Project Life

Where did Thursday go and how is it already Friday???  Well I might be a day late, but here are my project life photos from last week:

Sunday: Seems like washing Taylor’s sheets are a consistent part of my life right now.  Potty training has taken over my world and washing machine.


Monday: Quote of the day ‘Guess Elizabeth just wanted to get her picture taken.’ from Nana


Tuesday: Swimming at YaYa’s house.  Taylor kept telling us ‘I swim by myself’. 


Wednesday: Taylor has a new game where she likes to lower her face and look out under her eyebrows.  It makes for some creepy photos, but immediately after this she gives the sweetest laughs.


Thursday: This picture has been cropped for internetness.  The true picture shows our cutie and her fondness for being ‘nakie’ for a bit after bath.  She runs around like a wild banshee while Chris and I attempt to get pjs on her and brush her hair. 


Friday: Taylor thought she was too cute in this basket but also informed me that you need to make the elephant noise while sitting in the basket.(hence the face)


Saturday: Today I had a Stampin’ Up workshop at my house to create these cards.  I love a chance to be creative and socialize at the same time.


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Bellawhoop said...

Love those cards! I haven't stamped in forever, but I'd love to if I get some time today.


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