Monday, August 16, 2010

Me at 30

A week ago a turned 30 and started this post, but got distracted with life.  I remember as a kid thinking that was old.  I try not to think that way now!  Instead, I am trying to embrace 30 by celebrating in many ways.  My girls trip to New York was a great way to get things started.  And my 29 before 30 list has made me be proactive in accomplishing some bucket list items before the big 3-0.  Here are some things about me right now:IMG_8678

  • I am wife to Chris and mother to Taylor & soon to be born Elizabeth
  • I am mostly a SAHM but work part time from home as the Executive Director for CTSA
  • I LOVE dark chocolate
  • Unsweet tea with lime makes me very happy and if it’s from Sonic(with the good ice) I’m even happier
  • I love when Chris kisses me goodbye in the morning and hello when he comes home
  • I also enjoy our unspoken ways of saying ‘I love you’
  • I have really embraced reading over the past few years and enjoy my few minutes of escape.  Don’t ask me about serious books since my reading tends to be about vampires, flirty fun, shopping, and celebrity biographies
  • Target is a dangerous store for me and one of my favorites
  • I have to fall asleep with the TV on
  • I am obsessed with chapstick and rotate between Burt Bees and Gap lip balm(you can find them hidden all over my house)
  • I take my shoes off as soon as possible when I get home
  • I am probably one of the few Americans that does not want an iPhone.  I <3 my blackberry and it’s ability to hold my to-do list!
  • I look forward to playdates as a chance to talk with fellow mommy’s
  • I love my to-do lists and have at least 3 at any time (checking things off my list makes me giddy)
  • I rarely wash my makeup off at night(bad habit)
  • I am a t-shirt, jeans, and pony tail kind of girl but have embraced dresses during this pregnancy
  • I have to make the bed each day and have a husband and daughter that do a great job of messing it up after it’s made
  • Potty training and getting ready for Elizabeth have taken over my life right now
  • I have always loved our church but am really starting to find my own home there and love discovering the person I am becoming as I do this. 
  • I am a proud Momma of a toddler that is constantly amazing me with new things she learns and does everyday. 
  • I am Wendy and loving life!


Lareina said...

Happy Birthday Girl! I loved this post:)

Bellawhoop said...

You are one hot momma in your supercute dress! You should continue to wear them - you look so cute in dresses!

annalee said...

happy happy day to you! what a great list about wonderful you!
ps- you totally rock the dresses!


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