Thursday, August 19, 2010

Project Life Thursday

I actually did my homework and have pictures sorted, labeled, and done prior to the Thursday.  Now I just hope I remember to publish this post on Thursday.

Sunday: Part of my nesting included minimizing a bookcase downstairs that held DVD’s and then figuring out what to do with all the DVD’s that were in Elizabeth’s room.  It is crazy how many DVD’s we have and why we have some of them.  Flashbacks to days when it was cheaper for us to buy new than pay all the late fees on rentals.  Thank God for Netflix!


Monday: Each Monday morning I do two things when I hear the trash truck start to get close.  1) I wonder if Chris remembered to take out the trash from the kitchen since I cleaned out the fridge last night and 2) Get downstairs so that Taylor can watch(and thank) the trash men.


Tuesday: I only work outside the home one day a month, but for some reason work fell on my 30th birthday this year.  Last year I had to work on Taylor’s first birthday.  I guess that’s part of being a grown up.  Good thing is that I got to start my day by cuddling in bed with this cutie.


Wednesday: As Taylor was going down for nap it was starting to thunder, so I told her we could go look for a rainbow after nap.  It actually did rain but we were unsuccessful with our rainbow hunt.  Taylor needed her new kitty umbrella just in case it started raining again.


Thursday: Today we attended the Joe McDermott concert at church with some of our friends.  Taylor loved dancing around to the first couple of songs and then quickly lost interest. 


Friday: I’m not the only person in this house that loves snow cones.  Taylor actually came up with the idea for snow cones tonight and then made sure we knew that she wanted a PINK snow cone. 


Saturday: We celebrated my 30th with the family at Hula Hut.  Their stuffed avocado makes this mama one happy woman!  Plus I remembered to grab a family photo while Taylor was running around asking where PawPaw’s boat was.  She thinks that every time we are at a lake that PawPaw’s boat is there.


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Jenn said...

Graham LOVES watching the trash truck too! Highlight of his Wednesdays!


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