Thursday, August 26, 2010

Project Life Thursday

Thursday almost got past me today and some sewing projects almost distracted me.  But I remembered!  Plus you will get to see pictures of those sewing projects next week!

Sunday: The nesting finally kicked into high gear and I picked a blue paint color for Elizabeth’s room.  Today we got her room taped and trimmed in.  The blue in the middle of the walls was my attempts to find the right shade of blue.


Monday: I know it’s not fair to working moms, but Taylor and I celebrated me not having to go to work today by going to the pool.  Taylor was like a little fish for almost two hours.  I love that she loves the water so much more now!


Tuesday: I have always been known to have a bit of a yellowish-brown thumb when it comes to plants, but that didn’t keep me from attempting a garden this year.  Something about growing our own vegetables gives me a sense of accomplishment.  I didn’t think out the shape of plants that I planted and more about what veggies I wanted.  So needless to say, when only the cucumbers, cantaloupe, okra, and squash(I think) survived it looks like a giant web of vines in our garden.  The cantaloupe vines look like they’re around to climb over the fence to our neighbors yard, but we do have a few prospects for fruit!  After Chris did some weeding and digging tonight, he found all these jewels.  The one cucumber looks like it’s on steroids, but made for excellent cucumber salad!


Wednesday: After putting it off for weeks, I finally took Taylor to get her hair cut.  This time was a true haircut since we trimmed up her bangs and took two inches off in the back.  You know it’s time to get your toddler’s haircut when it’s longer than yours!


Thursday: Chris picked up Elizabeth’s dresser and bookcase today and got busy putting them together.  I guess my super nesting is finally rubbing off on him!


Friday: It has been VERY hot lately, like over 100 everyday hot!  Hot weather calls for swimming pools and luckily Chris’ parents have a nice one.  Taylor wasn’t the only person who really enjoyed the pool this afternoon. 


Saturday: After having this project sitting on my craft table for months, I finally finished it.  This project also meant that I figured out how to cut vinyl with my Cricut and am already making a list of future projects.


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Bellawhoop said...

What a great week! Tay's hair looks so cute and sweet with that little flip up. I'm looking forward to seeing E's room completely finished. What theme are you going with for her room? I also love your sign. How did you apply the letters?


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