Monday, August 23, 2010

Potty Training part 2

Eight things about potty training I never knew:

  1. That your toddler can truly embarrass you when she exclaims loudly in the Target bathroom ‘Look Mommy!  You a big girl and kept your panties dry!’
  2. That a simple meal at a restaurant to give me a break from cooking can actually mean more work with the multiple trips to the bathroom.
  3. I never knew how fast I could run through a grocery store, with a cart FULL of food, and 7 months pregnant when told ‘I need to go potty’ and ‘go faster Mommy’
  4. That I would do a dance with my daughter each morning that she made it accident free
  5. That I would also be the one to console her when she did have an accident and was very upset about her panties and shorts
  6. It does matter which panties you wear each day and picking them is a vital part of my toddler’s life.
  7. My heart leaps with excitement when she is successful in her attempts and it also aches at how quickly she is growing up.
  8. I love not having to figure out where to lay my kiddo down to change a diaper, but now wonder where the bathrooms are in each store so that I’m prepared for that ‘go faster’ moment.


Bellawhoop said...

That first one made me giggle. Too cute!

annalee said...

so true. every word of it.


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