Thursday, August 5, 2010

Project Life Thursday

Wow, is it Thursday already???  And it’s almost the end of Thursday, but here last week’s Project Life.

Sunday – We went over to Chris’ parents house for dinner and swimming to celebrate PawPaw’s birthday.  Taylor was insisting that Uncle Jeffy dance just like her.


Monday – I spent much of today preparing for potty training over the next three days.  This would be the reward bucket for when big achievements are made.  Gotta love the Target $1 and clearance aisle!


Tuesday – Day one of potty training(I’ll include notes from previous blog post on each of these cards)


Wednesday – Day two of potty training


Thursday – Day three of potty training


Friday – Our version of day four of potty training and our first trip outside of the house.  Taylor did great and even used a public toilet!  We were very happy to stay in the same dry clothes ALL day. 


Saturday – Chris needed to help Jeff with a project at his house.  After playing with Aunt Shelly for a little while, we decided to go do some shopping.  Taylor HAD to say goodbye to Uncle Jeffy even though he was in the attic.  She was fascinated by the fact that he was in the ceiling.


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