Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Taylor Tuesday

I hope this Taylor Tuesday message finds everyone doing well. Can you believe that it's already the last day of September? Not too long and we'll be celebrating Halloween! This first picture is from this past weekend when we were at my mom's house. Nothing cuter than a baby getting a kitchen sink bath. Nana bought Taylor some bath toys to play with so that she didn't try playing with the sprayer again. You can also see Taylor's earrings in this picture. She still doesn't even know they are there except when I make her lay still so I can clean them. I have more pictures from this past weekend that I will post later on. Just think 80's...

As a bonus today you get footage of Taylor's newest milestone.

We were have anticipated this coming any day now. Taylor has been up on her knees and arms rocking like she is ready to go and has really shown a greater interest in her toys lately. She shows an even greater interest for the TV remote! Yesterday afternoon we saw her make some half attempts at crawling, so Chris grabbed the camera and put a toy out of reach for her. Within minutes she took off across the bed! Boy oh boy is my daily routine about to change again! What happened to those days when I could just lay her on the bed and run to the bathroom or brush my teeth? Chris is now realizing that it's time for baby proofing around the house. Sorry to the family members that I told I would post this last night, but Chris and I were busy rearranging living room furniture until midnight. More about that in a later post...

Have a wonderful Tuesday and I will be back later on to post about our weekend and more pictures of Taylor!


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Jenn said...

Wow Taylor! You are setting the bar high for us April babies!! Watch out Mama, she'll be into everything before long!


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