Tuesday, September 16, 2008

5 months old

I'm a few days late for this, but Taylor turned 5 months old on Sunday. I have to say that this past month I have seen the greatest changes in her. Playtime is a whole new world now that she can grab for toys and absolutely EVERYTHING goes in her mouth or at least she tries to get it in there. Our monthly picture became a little more adventurous this time. I was thinking that we were going to get a good picture as I've been working on Taylor sitting up with assistance, but this time was more about discovering elephant. Poor elephant didn't spend more than 15 seconds in the chair before she grabbed him and took his ears straight to her mouth.

But then it didn't take long before I got her to smile one of those smiles that just warms your heart. I think everyone in our family just can't wait until we get one of these smiles. There are even some mornings that she gives Chris one of these smiles before he leaves for work. I had heard him say on more than one occasion that this makes his day!

Here is Taylor's 'Official' 5 month old picture. We are working on taking a picture without showing our diaper and we're getting better, but no such luck yet. I think she's giving me a look that says 'I'm only going to sit still for 2 more minutes and then I'm going to grab the elephant again.'

In order to head off this dash towards elephant again, I brought in Taylor's new favorite lovey... Dolly. Dolly was given to her by my cousin Autumn. This is so appropriate because Autumn and I(only 9 months apart in age) grew up playing dolls together. We would have a small bag for clothes and 3 or 4 bags of Barbie dolls wherever we went. I loved that I had a girl cousin so close in age to grow up with. I hope Taylor is as close to her cousins.

So here are some of the things that Taylor is doing now:
  • Can grab a toy from your hands when you hold it in front of her
  • Rolls over several times to get somewhere
  • Moves all over her crib at night(main reason for keeping the bumper pad on no matter how bad the books say they are)
  • Puts anything she can in her mouth
  • Is at least 16 pounds
  • Loves to stand up in your lap
  • Still a bit of a momma's girl and sometimes can only be soothed by me
  • Has tried a high chair at restaurants 3 times now
  • Has had a few big belly laughs, but lots of giggles. Nana has the most giggles so far.
  • Loves her weekly time with Mia
  • Likes to her the different levels of her voice
  • Loves kisses from Mommy
  • Loves naps with Daddy
  • Is really starting to interact with all the toys on her exersaucer
  • Figured out that she can grab her feet and in the past few days figured out that they can go in her mouth too. Diaper changes are even more challenging now.
  • Realized that I always keep her bunny blanket(a bunny head with a blanket for a body) on her changing table and reaches up for it as soon as I lay her down.
  • Still does not like a wet diaper, but normally doesn't cry at muddy ones
  • Drools all the time and I think there's a tooth ready to make an appearance
  • Is starting to grab at everything and even take interest in our food
  • Still nurses like a champ
I am loving that I get to stay home with Taylor and see her change and grow everyday. It is such a blessing that I have been given. I cherish my time with her and no that she will change more and more each day. I look forward to the months to come as we introduce Taylor to all the fun fall holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and my favorite Christmas!

Stay tuned as I keep you updated with all of Taylor's fall adventures.


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Deb said...

Happy Five Months Taylor!!


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