Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cereal Time

And I'm not talking about Cheerios or tiger cereal as my niece calls Frosted Flakes. Taylor has been reaching for lots of items lately, including our food so we decided to let her have a try a rice cereal. When we went for Taylor's 4 month checkup, the doctor said we could try cereal at 5 months, but that she might not respond well to it. So we were prepared for a BIG mess and our little girl surprised us by being very interested in smacking the new food around in her mouth and grabbing for the spoon.

In between bites of cereal, she was deciding which tasted better, the food or her fingers. Good news is that as soon as she saw the spoon, she took her fingers out of her mouth.

Chris even took a turn a giving Taylor a few tastes of the milky mush.

Since Taylor did so good the first time with cereal, I decided to try it again a few days later.
This time I made it a little bit thicker so we weren't feeder her milk.

She liked this even more and has continued to have cereal about every other day. I figured I would space it out to make sure she doesn't have any weird reactions to it.

After I got done feeding her, I gave her the spoon since she kept trying to feed herself. She just loved playing with it. Keep in mind that I took a few of these pictures while actually feeding her so they aren't centered like they should be.

After we had some cereal in our tummy, Taylor played for a little while and then I looked over and she was sound asleep with her Dolly. I don't think I could have posed her and created a cuter picture!


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Bellawhoop said...

Awww! How sweet. I love that of her down for a nap, snuggling her dolly. So precious!

Yay for cereal!


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