Sunday, September 21, 2008

No problem

Our little girl was born with quite a bit of hair compared to when I was born. I was actually prepared for a bald baby and was shocked when she had enough hair that the nursery nurses created a little mohawk with it all. As Taylor has grown bigger, her hair has stayed about the same on top and she's lost a little in the back. We joke that she looks like an old bald man because she has tons at the back bottom. If you haven't noticed, I LOVE bows and there just simply isn't enough to put in a bow and what is there is very fine like mine. I think I was almost a year old before I really got any hair and was often called a little boy. It's amazing to me how people think your baby is a boy when SHE's dressed head to toe in pink or purple. Chris would die if we had a boy and he wore either of those colors. Well... my parents ended up piercing my ears at around 8 months to stop all the confusion on if I was a boy or girl and I always loved having the ability to wear earrings. I even took it a step further when I was in 6th grade and got my second hole on each ear so that I could continue to wear my diamonds(which my dad threatened to take away if I didn't start wearing them again) and whatever fun/cool earrings I wanted. I had always visioned that my daughter would get her ears pierced too, but wondered how Chris would feel about additional accessories for Taylor. Surprisingly, he was almost as excited about getting it done as I was. I have learned that it is a Mexican tradition to pierce the ears of baby girls. How cool that we would be able to carry on a tradition that is part of Taylor's heritage. Well after talking about it and talking about it... Taylor got her ears pierced today. I have to say that I the lady at Claire's did a great job and Taylor only cried for a few minutes and then needed a little cuddle time with mom and dad. Here are some pictures from our adventure today.

Taylor pre-piercing. I think she's tyring to figure out what the lady was doing.

Here is Taylor after she got both ears done. Look at those red eyes! Her cries almost broke my heart. I hate seeing her in pain!

Daddy and Dolly helped her calm down a little bit.

Here is a picture that I just tried to take so that you could actually see her pierced ears. She is happy and playing like nothing ever happened. As you can tell, she is too focused on her toys to look up for me.

Now wish me luck as I take care of her newly pierced ears!


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Bellawhoop said...

What a cutie! I love her little pierced ears. BTW, where's Taylor Tuesday?!


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