Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Taylor Tuesday

Can you believe that we are already a week into October? Not too long before you'll get to see a Taylor Tuesday picture of Taylor in her Halloween costume! I'm actually on top of things today since I took the picture yesterday. Taylor was just having a very cute moment so I thought it would be a cute one to share. We moved on from cereal to carrots Friday, but they weren't well received, so we went back to plain cereal yesterday. Little Miss thinks that she does a better job of getting the cereal in with her fingers in between bites with the spoon so I grabbed the camera. I wish I had some pictures of her face while trying carrots. She would take the bite and then give us a face like 'what in the world did you just put in my mouth?' The funny thing is that she would then open her mouth for another bite a few seconds later and then the face would come back again. I tried the carrots twice and then figured we'd give up those for a few days. We are going to move to apples next to see if she likes the sweet fruits instead.

Have a happy Tuesday!

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