Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Little Flashdancer

I bet your wondering if Taylor has decided to flash back to the 80's and get her Flashdance on with leg warmers and the answer is no. Taylor is trying out her Baby Legs that Chris' cousin gave her. They are the cutest leg socks that protect her legs while she is crawling/scooting her way across the floors. I picked her up the other day after she had been playing on the floor and she had little red carpet burns from crawling. Before I put her back down, I pulled out her Baby Legs. Not only do they keep her little legs safe, they are adorable.

They're still a little big, but the way Taylor is growing it's nice to have that extra length. I also love that her feet are free so that she can move around easily. Plus Taylor has figured out how to pull her socks off, so these are great until she figures out how to pull them off too.

I thought I would throw this last picture of her in too. Taylor just loves playing on the floor with all her toys. She is also much faster at moving around and keep me almost as busy as she is. Well off to get a few more things done before nap time is over.

~ Wendy

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