Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Taylor Tuesday

Okay, so I know it's now Wednesday and I'm just now posting Taylor Tuesday, but yesterday was my one day a month to work. Plus... it was Taylor's big 6 month birthday, so anytime not at work was spent playing with her! We started off the day with a yummy breakfast of cereal and applesauce. Taylor still gives me funny looks every so often, but ends up eating the whole bowl anyways. She really likes to try holding the spoon herself.

While we have been celebrating Taylor's achievements, I didn't realize that it would make picture taking more difficult. I was so excited that Taylor would finally be able to sit up like a big girl in the chair for her picture, that I didn't think about how distracted she would be with toys on the floor of her room. Here are my attempts at a few pictures:

Then came the mommy don't take my picture looks or the why did you just take that caterpillar toy away from me looks.

Finally, here are some that actually turned out cute of our little girl. I just love that drooly smile!

I just can't believe that our little girl is already 6 months old and half way to her first birthday! Here are some of the things that Taylor has been up to this past month:
  • Nicknames: Pea, Tay Tay, Frog, Ranita
  • Foods eaten: Rice cereal, carrots, and applesauce
  • 17 lbs by my estimate on the scale. We'll find out her real weight next week at her check-up
  • Favorite toys: Coco the monkey, ladybug, the bunny on her changing pad, ducky book, the bug teething ring, toy keys/llaves, the TV remote control, computer mouse, our telephone
  • Sitting up on her own while playing with toys
  • Going from a crawling to sitting position
  • Crawling(check the video out below if you haven't yet) and boy can she move
  • She wants everything I have or am holding
  • Continuing to put everything in her mouth
  • Loves to make noises
  • Discovered Sadie(dog) and Tessa(cat)
  • Still hasn't noticed her earrings, but loves jewelry on everyone else
  • She figured out how to turn the aquarium in her crib on by herself. It's funny to find her in the morning or after a nap just watching the fish.
I can really tell the differences in the past month and the BIGGEST one is crawling. Boy does Taylor keep me on my toes(on knees crawling after her)! Guess it's time to get all those outlets and cabinets baby proofed!



annalee said...

way to go taylor! what a big girl you are, and so cute on top of that!
you still have adelaide beat on crawling, haha.

Deb said...

Wow, I think I have become addicted to Taylor Tuesday!! She is getting to be such a big girl.

Sara said...

She is growing so fast! Crawling is a big milestone - I imagine it keeps you busy!


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