Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Unique Workout

So I figured that Taylor is almost 3 months old and I really need to keep up with my workouts to get rid of that last little bit of baby belly. I think I look like I'm about 3 months pregnant and it's not as cool to have a belly if there's not a baby in there! I try getting up early to go walking with Taylor, but in this Texas heat you have to be back in from walking at 8am to keep from completely melting. Therefore the Wii Fit looked very enticing. Monday I feed Taylor and then put her in the swing to watch Mommy workout. Well that lasted for maybe 10 minutes before she decided that swinging was not for her. I really wanted to get in a few more minutes of Wii so that I could actually count it as a workout, so I grabbed Taylor and proceeded to do the Step Aerobics. This can be quite challenging to begin with and was even more of a workout with a baby on hand, but after a little bit I got into a groove and baby and I were both happy.

Now, fast forward to today when I wanted to do the Wii again and Taylor was still not wanting to nap. I've really been wanting to get Taylor to like the Baby Bjorn so she'd be ready for shopping in Wimberly, so I strapped her in and started my step routine again. This time it was a bit more challenging due to not being able to see my feet, but Taylor loved it and even fell asleep to the rhythmic bouncing. She stayed content for me to do 30 minutes of workout on the Wii, including some Hula Hoop, all thanks to the lovely Bjorn. I'm sure this had to do some kind of extra workout for my legs with the extra weight so I'm hoping it burn fat even faster. I'm sure that Bjorn did not have Wii workout in mind when they created their product, but it works. I'm going to keep working out with her in it as long as she doesn't want to swing or sleep and hopefully she'll grow to love her Bjorn so much that she'll let Mommy do lots of shopping in Wimberly while she hangs out in it.(Most Wimberly shops do not allow strollers so I had to come up with an alternative so I can shop while Chris plays golf)


annalee said...

that is awesome!
i'm so glad taylor is growing to love the baby bjorn. you know i can't get enough of it. what a fabulous invention.
have fun in wimberly.

Bellawhoop said...

How fun! It sounds like your Wimberly shopping extravaganza will be perfect with a sleeping and content Taylor and a Mommy with a credit card. :) What in the world is that white thing?!

Jenn said...

Wii's are so fun!! How great that Taylor is letting Mommy get in a workout- my workout is carrying around my chunky monkey. :)

Suzanne said...

Do they make those for 2 yr olds?!?! LOL I started getting up early to use my Wii Fit and my son has decided that, yeah, that IS a good time to get up! Ugh! And he wants to play, but on HIS terms, not the game's! LOL
Congrats on finding something that works for you!

JJ said...
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JJ said...

you can feel free to work out under my mii. it needs some slimming down compared to all your other mii's . . . it's that fat one with the gray hair.


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