Tuesday, July 15, 2008

3 Months Old

I can't believe that Taylor is already 3 months old. More technically, she was 3 months yesterday but I am a little behind in posting. See my next post to find out what I was busy doing last night instead of blogging. I know that Taylor has grown over the past month, but looking back at pictures it is amazing HOW much she has changed already. At her 2 month doctor checkup she was 12 lbs and I think she is now somewhere around 14. All I know is that she jumped from being in newborn clothes/diapers for quite sometime and now she is about to outgrow her 0-3 month clothes. Here's a little look back on how our little girl has changed.

This is the day she came home from the hospital. It's amazing how big that newborn outfit looks on her!

One month old

Two months old

Three months old

This outfit was so cute that you needed a front and 'Butt' view. Plus Taylor got to play in her crib. At 3 months she is loving her Bebe Pod chair so that she can look around, starting to interact her the toys on her bouncy chair, almost rolling from her back to her stomach, holding her head up for small amounts of time while on her tummy(most of the time she licks the playmat), sleeping 6 hours at night, finding her fists on a regular basis and loves to suck on them, can hold a rattle or link for a short amount of time, starting to make loud happy noises almost like laughing, and often wakes up in her bassinet cooing and making happy noises.

Happy 3 months Pea!


Bellawhoop said...

Wow, she's growing like a weed! She's such a cutie. Look at her long legs. Cute little butt shot, too. :) Darling baby girl! Thanks for the update.

Deb said...

What a big girl she is getting to be. I love the ladybug outfit.


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