Thursday, July 31, 2008

Take me out to the ballgame

For PawPaw's birthday last week we went to the Round Rock Express game. They were giving out baseball Mr. Potatoheads and we were craving funnel cake!(Plus Mia can get her cheesecake chimichangas on the way home. Well, not just Mia... we ALL love them!) So Taylor got to go to her first baseball game. She was even ready with her Astros t-shirt that Aunt KK had bought her. Before we could sit down, we had to go get Taylor a hat so she was ready to be a true Express fan.
Taylor tried really hard to stay awake, but the Express just weren't playing that good.

PawPaw had to make sure that he got in some 'Taylor Time' at the game.
Taylor loves her PawPaw!

While PawPaw had Taylor, I got to enjoy funnel cake without getting powdered sugar on Taylor and Chris and I got a Taylor-free picture.

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