Thursday, July 31, 2008


I have been so busy lately with Taylor experiencing lots of 'Firsts'. She had her first Lambert Rio Bonito experience in Wimberly, but those pictures are all on Chris' laptop and I'll have to pull them off for a blog later on. Tummy time has always been a fight for us and Taylor normally hates it. She ends up just licking the blanket or playmat until she works herself into a good crying fit that I can't stand to leave her there anymore. Well a friend suggested that I prop her up on a pillow on her tummy and I was looking for anything to get her to enjoy tummy time. Well it must of worked because last week Taylor started holding her head up from the moment she was put on her stomach. It's amazing how quickly she transitioned to this new skill! I thought it would be forever until she enjoyed tummy time. So here is our little girl enjoying her new view on life. She used to spend much of the day on her back and now she likes to play on her tummy.

This really isn't a first, but Taylor got to see her Aunt Desha on Saturday. Desha is my best friend from high school and my friend that I've known the longest. We even survived being college rivals! Desha was there when Taylor was born and takes advantage of any opportunity she can to hold this little girl! We had fun eating Rudy's BBQ and catching up.

Back to our 'Firsts'.... since Taylor is now sleeping at least 6 hours at night I made the BIG step of moving her out of the bassinet in our bedroom and to her crib in her room. I really think this step is more about when us Moms are ready and less about when the baby is ready. Yes, I did wait until she was sleeping longer to move her but I finally told Chris to push me to do it. It was so hard to leave my little girl in a different room and not be an arm's reach from her! I think I stood there for 20 minutes just watching her the first time I put her down. Then I turned the monitor as loud as it would go and put it on the edge of my nightstand. I'm not sure my body knew what to do without Taylor's little night noises that Chris had to wake me up when she woke up. All and all she did great the first night and has since then. I even took the bassinet in our room down. Kinda weird to have that empty space in our room where she used to sleep every night and nap. Here are a few pictures that I took this week. Taylor is always in a different position when she wakes up from when I put her down. I also think it's cute how little she looks in her crib. Chris is excited that we are finally getting to use her room for more than a closet.

Taylor did have another 'First' and that is that she rolled from her back to her front and then from her tummy to her back. Like I wasn't already overwhelmed with all her other firsts last week, she threw those in there too. She's only done it a few times so I don't have pictures yet, but she does it in her sleep because I often find her on her tummy when I go to wake her up. Stay tuned for my next post because Taylor's other first deserves it's own post!


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