Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine Shirts

i love being the mom of two girls.

i love being able to put them in matching clothes.

i also hope that they think this is cute until they are in high school.

between carter’s and gymboree, I already have started to fill their closets with big and little sis versions.

after lizzie was born, I set off in search of matching christmas shirts and dresses. 

dresses were found and the girls looked adorable.


shirts were a much harder find since most started at 6 months and lizzie was still in newborn.

luckily this site carried itty bitty sizes and the girls were cute as could be in matching shirts.

i found adorable pants from gymboree on clearance and knew they would be great for valentine’s day.  i searched all over etsy for the perfect shirt/onesie but then decided that it was time for me to put the computer away and get the sewing machine out.  i had great intents on using the great fabric cutting skills of my cricut, but never found a font that i loved, so i drew the letters by hand and used one of my stamps for the heart shape.  with a little wonder under, shirt/onesie from walmart, and adorable fabric we had these.


i quickly learned that the easy part was over with.  i knew that the lettering needed to be reinforced to the shirt to survive all the washes lizzie’s spit ups and taylor’s applesauce disasters will put them through, but hand stitching was not in my future.  after some unpleasant sewing on two letters i turned to my mother in law for some sewing advice.  she had wonderful insight like: turn the shirt inside out to do the stitches rather than trying to turn it while pulled over the arm of the machine and she pointed out a few stitches that would do a better job of keeping the letters from fraying and would look cute.  there was still some learning done on taylor’s shirt, but i felt a little more comfortable once i tackled lizzie’s onesie.  i always buy extra fabric since i have been known to cut the fabric to the wrong size or wrong direction for more of the same project and ended up making myself some twist roses to put on a pin.  it will be my touch of red for valentine’s day.


now i'm started to plan what their easter/spring shirts will be.


MySanSouci said...

How cute! They will appreciate your handiwork for years. What a talented Momma.

Deb said...

Those are fabulous!!

Bellawhoop said...

These are very cute! I love your little roses, too! Can you give instructions for how to make those? :D Love ya!


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