Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rewards vs bribes

Naptimes and bedtimes have been a bit crazy around our house lately for our oldest and drama queen doesn’t even begin to describe her sometimes.  This definitely becomes a problem while we are trying to balance both girls, baths, storytime, and all the other bedtime routine items.  We often find ourselves handing the baby back and forth to tagteam on our oldest.  Poor baby girl just goes with flow.  In an effort to try and make bedtime a much calmer time(like it should be) and not drive me to drinking,  we came up with a reward system. 

Taylor Reward Chart-001

Taylor expressed wishes to Build a Bear the other day so I ran with the idea.  For each naptime or bedtime that she does not throw a fit or require us to come see her 42 times, she gets a sticker to put on the path.  After 30(hopefully less than 3 weeks) stickers, we will have 21 consecutive days of trying to have good behavior and she gets to go to Build a Bear.(plus I have a coupon that expires 3/31 that I hope we can use)  She has been so excited so far about making good choices and gets closer along the path.  Tomorrow will be her first time, since we started, that she won’t get a sticker.  I am wondering if she will understand the concept or not.  She amazes me with her level of understanding sometimes and I never know what to expect.  Let’s hope by the end of March our naptimes and bedtimes are back to less drama and are the calm, sweet, and snuggly times we used to have!  I’ll be back when it’s over to report progress.

ps.  if you are in need of a reward chart yourself, please let me know.  they are completely customizable to your needs.

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Jenn said...

Oh girl, I am right there with you on dramatic bedtimes! I love your reward chart and wish I could jump on board too, but unfortunately we have a serious one going for potty training already! And I'll be is straight up bribery to use the potty!!


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