Tuesday, February 1, 2011

3 months old

Can we already be at 3 months?  Some days it seems like Elizabeth just got here and I was getting ready for Thanksgiving and then she decides to have a party at 2 am and I feel like it’s been 6 months.  I visited the hospital yesterday to see a friend’s new baby and can’t believe how much Elizabeth has changed in just the few months she’s been here.  Wasn’t I just a few rooms down recently recovering with our little one?  Well time is flying by and Elizabeth, or Lizzie as she is also known around here, has been awake more this month and been a busy little girl.


  • Not sure how much you weigh, but you are currently in size one diapers.  You must have had a growth spurt over the weekend, because you now pop the snaps in your footie pjs when you stretch.  Guess it’s time to move up to 3-6 month size clothes! 
  • Nicknames: Lizzie, Sister, Little One, Littles, and sometimes Pickle(but only from Taylor)
  • We battled a few weeks of colicky evenings and Daddy was convinced you didn’t like him a few times.  I am currently on a dairy free diet to see if that helps with your constant spit up and baby acne.  You definitely find new ways to make me feel like a rookie mom again. 
  • Your whole face lights up when you see Taylor.  It never fails to amaze me how much you two already love each other.  I will remind you of this when you are 12 and 15 and fighting like crazy.
  • This month you have started to grasp onto soft items.  You LOVE to grab my necklace and hair, my shirt while you are eating, your blanket, and sometimes Taylor’s hair when she’s trying to give you a kiss.
  • The bouncy chair has a toy bar that lights up and you are now truly fascinated by the lights and motion.  There is also a swinging bird toy that hangs down and you can sometimes grab it.  This can keep you amused for quite some time and give Mommy a chance to eat. 
  • You rolled over again for Daddy but never do this for Mommy.  Not sure what Daddy is bribing you with, but it seems to be working. 
  • You found your hands and work very hard at trying to into your mouth.(see chair pics for a great example)  I see this as the beginning of many things that you will try to put in your mouth and we are already stressing over all of Taylor’s itty bitty toys.
  • I have to admit that you probably don’t get as much tummy time as I forced on your sister, but you are starting to enjoy it since you can hold your head up for small periods of time. 
  • You had your first playdate without your big sister.  You and Nola slept the entire time and the mommies enjoyed lunch and discussing the joys of our new babies. 

jan 26

  • You are still in your bassinet in our room, but I am hoping for a transition to the crib soon. I’ve learned that the trick to get you to sleep is to put you on your side.  Plus you love your seahorse just like Taylor does.
  • You are a good baby and go with the flow on whatever we need to do.  I can almost always count on a good long nap from you in the morning but you prefer to play while Taylor is taking her afternoon nap.  I look forward to the next month and seeing what new things you figure out!



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MySanSouci said...

What a doll! And such a sweet smile. Happy 3 months, Elizabeth!


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