Friday, February 4, 2011

fabric rosette

I’ve been asked about my fabric rosettes before and forgot to post about how I make them.  Then I was asked again today, so figured it was a great time to share this quick project with you.  I can’t find the original post I learned from, but this is a great one.  I use hot glue instead of fabric glue and it works pretty good as long as you don’t hot glue the tips of your fingers.  To put more than one together like the one I did, then I glue then to felt.  When I made these, I just cut 1” strips of the fabric that I had left.  I can’t even tell you how long each piece was and I just rolled and glued.  I can’t decide if mine are going on a pin or headband.


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Bellawhoop said...

Thank you for the info! :) Yours are darling - I'd love to see if you put them on a headband or pin.


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