Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Look whooo’s been sewing

I don’t know about you, but I love looking through the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and dreaming of perfectly organized playrooms or bedrooms coordinated down to the diaper pail.  I tear out the pages of items I like or want to try recreating, but it rarely happens.  When I saw these adorable owl bookends I just HAD to have them! 


I even thought about buying them since they were so cute, but the colors weren’t just right for my girls’ rooms.  They do solve the problem of book issues in Taylor’s room and whooo doesn’t love an owl???  After doing a little internet searching for a sewing pattern and time spent debating fabric choices at Joann’s, I decided to break the sewing machine back out.  I took several sewing patterns, combined them, altered them a bit, and then came up with my own version of the sweet little bookend.  I only had intentions of making them for the purpose of a bookend, but Chris thought they would be cute as a stuffed animal too.(he still has the Pound Puppy that his Mom made him)


It’s not as fat as the PBK one, but it was an instant hit with Taylor and Hootie(without his blowfish) sleeps next to her at night.  I stuffed the bottom of this one with beans to help hold the books up and made an identical one without beans for Taylor to sleep with.  For some reason she picked the one with beans to sleep with instead. 

Once I made the first one, it went pretty quick for the next three.  I figured if Taylor had two, then Elizabeth would also need two.  Here are some simple directions for how to make your own version of this owl, but I hope to get some better directions done over the weekend.  You could probably complete this project in one nap time(if both your kids would nap at the same time) but deciding on fabric took me forever.  I used 3 different 18”x24” quilting squares(2 of the pink) to complete all four owls and still have scraps left over. 

Until I can get directions written this weekend, you can use these patterns and attempt your own owl.  Here are all the versions I created for my girls. 


Is there a special little one you know that might enjoy a little owl to love on?

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MySanSouci said...

Adorable and so special because they are made by Mom! :-)


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