Monday, July 19, 2010

Sea World

i remember going to sea world years(and years) ago after it first opened with my cousin, mom, and grandmother.

***disclaimer: i started this post weeks ago, but it took me forever to find these pictures and i really wanted to include them so bare with me on my childhood flashback and enjoy the styles of the 80’s for a bit.  no making fun of my hair!*** 

  IMG_0454    IMG_0459 IMG_0460

a few pics from the 2nd year sea world was open, the strollers do not look like that anymore or taylor would have demanded for the much cooler dolphin!

IMG_0458 IMG_0453IMG_0461

i guess we also went to lone star beer while on this trip and started a love for texas beer early!

boy has that place changed in the past few years!  chris and i took taylor for her first, of many, visits to sea world.  i didn’t mention this trip to her until the day before since she has not quite figured out what tomorrow means, but she does tell me ‘not yet’ when asked to do something.(i wonder where she gets that from???)

IMG_8226one excited little girl

 IMG_8234 IMG_8230 IMG_8236

first stop was at the sea lions and taylor was immediately in LOVE!  i loved the 9 day old baby sea lion that was too young to even swim but enjoy sunning on the rocks.

IMG_8238  IMG_8246IMG_8242

the sea lion show was taylor’s favorite.  kisses from a walrus or ‘the big one’ as taylor called it.  she also loved the map and telling us where the different animals were and where we needed to go next. 


one of my favorite photos. 

one of the perks of our trip is that chris’ aunt lives 15 from sea world so we were able to take taylor there for naptime and a chance to cool off.  after a nap and water we were ready to see more.  shamu was exciting for me, but i think taylor was more interested in the frozen lemonade i had. 

   IMG_8258IMG_8262 IMG_8269    

     IMG_8290   IMG_8286  

hot, sweaty, happy girl after day one at sea world

IMG_8304   IMG_8308  

day two: dolphins, rays


checking out the tropical fish with daddy

 IMG_8314   IMG_8317  IMG_8319

and mommy’s favorites…. sharks!

IMG_8320 IMG_8323  IMG_8327

then taylor insisted that we head back to her favorite, the sea lions

      IMG_8329IMG_8324  IMG_8332

this time we found the sea otters too, so she spent quite a bit of time running between the two animal exhibits. 


we ended the day by watching the new Azul show with dolphins and beluga whales.  it was even better than the shamu show and definitely held taylor’s interest.  i wish i had more photos, but i was too into the show to take photos.  we are looking forward to several more trips down to san antonio and continue taylor’s education/love for sea animals.  it’s been a couple of weeks and she is still talking about the different animals and pointing them out more in her books.  maybe one of these days we’ll get her in the water diving with us too!


sweetsong said...

I loved this post. It is so fun to introduce our children to the things we loved during childhood and watch them light up with the same joy we once felt. Thanks for sharing....and I appreciated the
80's pics. ;)

annalee said...

so fun! we are going next weekend and this got me even more excited!


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